Microsoft’s Skype division is launching a video and voice calling app today for Sony’s latest handheld gaming device, the PlayStation Vita.

The release isn’t a huge surprise, given that Skype also has an app for the PlayStation Portable, the PS Vita’s predecessor. But it’s notable because it comes after Microsoft’s acquisition of Skype, following through on Microsoft’s promise to continue to make Skype available on a variety of platforms.

Then again, Microsoft doesn’t compete directly against the PS Vita, because the Redmond company doesn’t have its own dedicated handheld gaming device. It would be a major surprise to see Skype come to the PlayStation 3 console before it comes to the Xbox 360.

The Skype app for the PS Vita is slated for release later today, offering voice calling and video calls using the Vita’s front and rear cameras. It can also run in the background and alert PS Vita users when they have a call coming in.

Here’s a Skype video featuring video-game legend Fatal1ty running through the features.

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  • Guest

    Congratulations to Microsoft! I love this strategy of getting Skype on every platform.

  • Guest

    So Skype’s Vita app is more capable than its WP one?

    Microsoft: the company that can’t shoot straight.

    • Zroth

      That comment held less value than a 2 year old reddit repost. Newest product/hardware = newest capabilities/features, duh.

      • Guest

        The WP app only recently came out. And they key feature I was referring to was the ability to receive incoming calls without having to first open the app. That’s not new functionality. It has been available from Skype on other platforms for some time and is now supported on Vista as well, but not WP.

        • Guest

          Vista > Vita.

  • MHazell

    I heard that Sony and Skype have a contract that says that Skype has to make apps for its portable game systems for as long as the contract lasts.

  • Barry Mowery

    Too bad the Skype app on Vita closes if you have too many contacts. It says it runs out of memory and needs to close the app. Also, Skype never updates it’s servers, EVER! And don’t even get me started on the Firmware updates for the devices that support it. In my totally honest and truthful opinion, Sony would have been better off using another company for calls, like Tango ,ooVoo, or others. Skype is a dinosaur and should not be supported by newer more advanced devices. If you want to look like a good and advanced device, look past Skype. If you want to look like a device from 1990s, which has inferior support and which should be abandoned and thrown away, Skype is what you need.

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