Carly is giving up her pink dresses for leather gear and a motorcycle.

T-Mobile USA is rolling out a new ad campaign that attempts to change the public perception of the company, as symbolized by the new wardrobe for its spokesmodel. The motto for the campaign: “No More Mr. Nice Girl.”

Here’s how Media Post describes the commercial.

In a new set of commercials set to begin airing this week, Carly is shown going through her closet, discarding magenta dress after magenta dress before landing upon a black leather motorcycle suit, with magenta trim. She then heads out on the town on a motorcycle, signifying the network’s speed and technological savvy. 

T-Mobile executive Peter DeLuca tells AllThingsD that the commercials are part of the buildup to a “refresh” of the T-Mobile brand this year. We’ve asked T-Mobile for more details on that broader plan.

After the company’s acquisition by AT&T fell through, T-Mobile has been taking the approach of a scrappy underdog with its “challenger” strategy, looking to beat its rivals in areas including price. The company’s big challenge remains its status as the only major carrier without the iPhone.

Carly Foulkes first debuted in T-Mobile’s ads in 2010, lampooning the iPhone and AT&T’s network.

See more coverage of the new campaign on TmoNews.

Update: Here’s a teaser video released by T-Mobile this afternoon.

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  • Guest

    Definitely edgier.

  • Dracono

    Yet still continue to ignore things that matter such coverage or the value to your wallet, everything else is trivial.

  • FrankCatalano

    Not so sure about the new advertising direction. It is vaguely reminiscent of GoDaddy’s hot-babe-in-racing-leathers approach, and I don’t think that’s one anyone should emulate.

  • Guest

    I loved the magenta dress campaign.  Sad to see it go.

  • Thomas A B Johnson

    They must be talking to the FIAT Abarth people. Is Charley Sheen far behind?

  • Cohen

    I like it. I’m very pleased with their prices and service also.

    There is a point of diminishing returns in any one direction, and this is a nice blend of a new image while keeping a sense of familiarity as well.

  • Susabellah

    thank goodness.  Never did figure out why the spokeswoman wore those dresses that any 5 year old would be delighted to have.  but then, her body posture was very 5 year oldish, so maybe she just never grew up.

  • Andrew

    I think it’s a good direction. The previous campaign seemed to “cutesy” and something a 4th place carrier would do. It will take time but good for T-Mobile to act more Verizon like. 

  • Pam Miller

    It depends whether the ad campaign will map to T-Mobile’s offering. Otherwise, it’s just “lipstick on a pig”; albeit, a very attractive pig!

  • ConfusedOne

    Who the fuck really cares that T-Mobile doesn’t have the iPhone? Why is that relevant to this post? 

  • Dan Anderson

    The new campaign is focused on speed, but the reality is that Verizon’s LTE has T-Mobile beat for now. T-Mobile’s competitive advantage is with the value of their plans and devices. They have the lowest cost plans out of all the major carriers and some of the most affordable phones. 

    It is a mistake for T-Mobile to abandon the value message. The conversation about speed should come when T-Mobile’s LTE network is up and running.

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