It seems like only yesterday when you would hear that Nokia jingle in every coffee shop, but the latest numbers show that the Finnish company is free-falling out of the cell phone sphere.

All Things D reports that the third quarter metrics from IDC show Nokia out of the top 5 smartphone vendors in the world. The company finished third in the second quarter rankings but it appears that the move to Windows Phone OS has done more bad than good.

Not surprisingly, Samsung and Apple ranked 1-2, respectively. Samsung sold 56.3 million smartphones globally for a 31.3 percent market share, while Apple sold 26.9 million for a 15 percent market share.

Research in Motion, ZTE and HTC rounded out the top 5, with Nokia falling somewhere in the “others” category.

Nokia can only hope that the launch of Windows 8 will boost sales. The company sold 2.9 million Lumia Windows Phones in the third quarter, down from 4 million in the second quarter.  For context, Google says it sees 1.3 million Android device activations every day.

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  • GG002

    There’s a time for everyone to shine… But I believe Nokia will rise again, it’s in the nature of the Finnish mentality, sisu. Yes, I know Nokia is a global company with an American CEO, but the heart and soul of Nokia is Finnish.

    • guest

      Maybe that Finnish heart and soul can see CEO Elop for what he is, a trojan horse to drive the company into the ground so it can be bought for cheap by MS. Just wait and see, once they run out of cash.

  • Guest

    All part of the plan. Most phone buyers were waiting for the Lumia 920 to come out next month. Nokia, HTC, and other Windows Phone 8 handset makers will benefit from the billions of dollars literally pouring into the Microsoft ecosystem.

    • Guest

      Waiting for WP7, waiting for Mango, waiting for W8 …. let me be the first to say that Windows 9 will totally turn around EVERYTHING and squash Microsoft’s competitors for good. Just wait (and see).

      • Jeff

        Is that with service pack3???

        Windows installation base is down to 30% of the market place (a recent fact). Is Microsoft in the same sinking boat with Nokia. Has to make you wonder???

  • Nathan O

    Not particularly surprising. I’m sure sales dropped off shortly after windows phone 8 was announced.

  • StephenElopVisionary

    Kudos to Stephen Elop for another great quarter in support of his plan to make Nokia the greatest turnaround story in the history of tech.

    Every quarter that Nokia comes closer and closer to bankruptcy means that when the turnaround happens it will be an ever greater triumph. It takes a leader of vision skill, and courage to be willing to take his company to the brink like this without taking it into the abyss.

    • Guest

      Financially he can pull off a few more quarters like this and get the company even closer to bankruptcy. What a fantastic strategy to burn cash and destroy tens of thousands of jobs; only a true visionary can go so dramatically against what others would consider good business strategy … and succeed so radically in accumulating great losses. And he will be legendary if he then defines the abyss itself as ultimate success and doesn’t even shy away from taking Nokia there. Apple’s turnaround story will be nothing compared to this, they were profitable soon after Jobs came back, and since then he never even managed to take the company into the abyss. Far from it actually. Nokia’s story will be so much more dramatic. New frontiers, with Nokia. Thanks to the kiss of death by MS.

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