Microsoft appears to be building the buzz for its Surface tablet computer with a series of chalk street art installations on buildings in New York City.

Their appearance, documented by a Facebook user called “Surface Evangelist,” signals that the company is gearing up for the launch, which means that we could be getting more details about the Surface soon. The big unanswered question is how much Microsoft will charge for the computers.

The Verge reported on the guerilla chalk installations earlier today. Microsoft isn’t publicly claiming responsibility, but these are the same stencils that the company used on the sidewalks outside the Surface unveiling in Hollywood a couple months ago.

The first Surface devices are slated to debut with Windows 8 in late October. Microsoft will be walking a fine line with the Surface rollout, trying to promote its new product without stepping too much on the toes of its partners, other Windows PC manufacturers.

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  • Guest

    Very interesting! Perhaps we could suss out the pricing based on the locations of these chalkings. For example, if one were at 1 99th St., that would confirm our expectation of a $199 price.

  • guest

    This it’s actually quite inspired marketing, which is why I’m having a hard time believing it’s from MS. Also, MS is normally so scared of litigation that I’m not sure they’d risk a citation for defacing public property. Maybe they outsourced this campaign?

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