Microsoft Research over the weekend began allowing members of the public to join its social network called “” that the company had previously been testing privately with students and researchers at a small number of universities.

As described in our preview last year, the idea behind is to integrate search more deeply into a social learning experience, letting people quickly share the results of their searches with others on the social network, by clicking on results or pictures to add them to a post. also comes with a “video party” feature for watching videos with friends on the service was developed by Microsoft Research’s FUSE Labs — one of several projects from the group.

“FUSE Labs’ project is now accepting all users interested in joining the site,” a Microsoft representative said in a statement. “ is an experimental research project focused on the future of social experiences and learning, especially among younger people.”

“We’ve been really busy over the weekend,” said Lili Cheng, general manager of FUSE Labs, in a message this morning, calling it “great to see how much interest there is.”

The public launch has already generated lots of attention, in part because of Microsoft’s role as an investor in Facebook. The timing is certainly interesting, coming close on the heels of Facebook’s IPO. The site is drawing comparisons to Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook. But given the experimental nature of the project, calling this a competitor to any of those services is a bit of a stretch.

Microsoft’s product teams look to Microsoft Research for technologies and approaches that could benefit what they’re developing.

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  • Guest

    Congratulations to Microsoft on the launch!

  • DejaVu

    I remember there was a day Microsoft was a market maker, not a follower

    • Guest

      You must be pretty old then.

  • Namita

    i need to know about the opening in microsot dubai, in finance department

    • Guest

      Spelling their name wrong probably won’t help you get an interview.

  • Info


  • Pradeep Chauhan

     Open? here’s what I got after giving them my email. feel cheated!

    Thanks for joining the waiting list.
    We’ll email you an invitation soon.

    • Guest

      Same here. I don’t want to be on no wait list!

    • Guest

      I never sweat the small details.

      – Steve Ballmer.

  • Seo Jaipur

    Congratulations to Microsoft

  • Guest

    Just a decade or so late to the social party. Who says MS has an agility problem. LOL.

    I give six months max before MS pulls the plug.

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