No, it’s not exactly on the level of an iPhone launch, but hey, it’s a start.

Microsoft held a big celebration today on its Redmond campus marking the launch of the flagship Nokia Lumia 900, and quite a few employees waited in line to get their new Windows Phones at the AT&T store inside the Microsoft Commons building, waiting as long as an hour or more in some cases.

There were high-fives and handshakes as people came out of the store with their new phones.

Sure, it’s the technological equivalent of preaching to the choir, but it hasn’t been uncommon to find Microsofties in line at the Apple store in the past, so let’s consider this progress.

Earlier: After awkward holiday launch, Nokia and Microsoft look to build Lumia 900 buzz

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  • Lawrence Lam

    Are most Microsofties who bought their Samsung Foci eligible yet for a new phone? If not, that explains the shorter line

  • InstaBillion

    “… so let’s consider this progress.”

    You’re treating MSFT like the handicapped kid that just rolled across the finish line in a wheelchair at the special olympics (no offense intended to participants of the special olympics, it’s just the best metaphor I could think of at the time).

    “Go Microsoft! Congratulations for merely crossing the finish line…”

    This would be fine if MSFT didn’t have the capacity (cash, developers, market dominance on the desktop, etc) to play in the “real” olympics.

    • Guest

      What would you call a company that blew a decade head start in mobile through arrogance and competitive misjudgement of epic proportions? Gifted?

      Capacity means nothing if you can’t execute.

  • Aporetics

    The Seattle Best Buy didn’t even have the phone is stock today.  They haven’t been distributed from their warehouse. :[

  • Guest

    How important is Microsoft to our nation’s economy? If Microsoft’s employees were considered a U.S. state, the company would have its own Congressmen!

    Thank you to Nokia for helping this important cross-section of the tech economy.

  • Guest

    There are about 35 people in that line, if that! And, to top it – this store is on the Microsoft campus. That should tell you something. It’s game 
    over  for Microsoft as far as Phones/Tablets are concerned. A lack of apps, a lack of a strong platform (Mango is an interim platform till Windows 8 comes out) and a lack of developer interest spells doom for them. Very sad to see a great company go down this way…

    • bayotkabay

      Yawn. Shit like these naysayers saying are getting dull already. Lack of apps, lack of shit, lack of what have you. Why don’t you give up in your persecution? There’s a telltale sign that this ecosystem is growing and be a success someday. We love comeback stories and underdogs, and hate abominable sourpuss like you.

      • Guest

         There’s a telltale sign that this ecosystem is growing and be a success someday” –>Are you a retard to post something like this, when the market share is dropping below 2% and there is zero uptick? As for comeback stories, you need to have a strategy first and then be able to execute it. The development model is broken, First Silverlight now HTML5 (with Appolo) and a clear lack of backward compatibility. It’s shit like this that piss developers off. You can live in your own fairy tale world but the number and facts speak for themselves.  

  • Guest3

    Turning the release of a mobile phone into the equivalent of releasing a Blockbuster movie on July 4th weekend is fool’s play.

    Believing that  your Day-One sales are like an Opening Weekend’s Grosses is ridiculous.

    That is Apple’s game and it’s best to let them play alone in that regard.  

    Other companies should simply take launch strategies over 3-6 months and let the product succeed or fail beyond the hype they purchase or the conspicuous consumption (concurrent with planned obsolescence) they inspire.

    I wouldn’t bother assessing the Lumia 900 until we get deep into Q4 this year —  When it’s free during Holiday sales…after people have had time to pick it up and play with it a bit.  If they can dump x-thousands into the market during November/December this year, they stand a chance…’til then, it’s all just foreplay.

    • Guest

      Solid points. But launching on a holiday doesn’t make sense even if you’re not playing Apple’s game. It just makes you look incompetent.

  • Aaron Evans

    But they’re waiting in line on the clock at work — with their job at stake if they don’t.

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