An example of a French support listing referencing Office products for the iPad. Via Mac4Ever.

It looks more and more like Microsoft Office is coming to Apple’s iPad.

There have been rumors and screenshots of Office potentially coming to iOS devices, but now new documents at official French and Romanian Office support sites show references to an Office app for both the iPhone and iPad.

First reported by French website mac4ever, there are existing product tags on support articles that refer to apps for Excel for iPad, PowerPoint for iPad and Office Mobile for iPhone.

No, this certainly is not official confirmation for Office products on iOS devices, but it certainly seems like another confirmation of Microsoft’s plans.

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  • Guest

    We endorse this move. For Office to maintain its dominant position in productivity software, we believe it is necessary to expand from its base of Macintosh and Windows to secondary platforms like Windows Phone, Android, and iOS. Of course, freemium services like Office 365 and SkyDrive will help to propel both Office license sales and service proliferation.

    We do not work for Microsoft or its contractors or its subsidiaries, but we celebrate this future product.

  • Guest

    Ironically this may be the final nail in the coffin for Surface RT.

  • Patrick Husting

    I’ve seen the apps on an iPad. They rock. Excel is very nice.

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