Jon Stewart had quite a bit of fun at the expense of Google and Google+ last night, lampooning the FCC’s recent $25,000 fine against the company and joking that posting something on the search giant’s social network is a good way to keep it private.

“If you don’t want to tell anybody, you should just put that information on Google+,” he says.

On Marketing Land, Danny Sullivan has a full recap of the segment, which you can watch below.

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  • Guest

    Congratulations to Jon on yet another brilliant piece of satire! This is a great riff on the popular misconception that Google+, a service with more than 100 million users, is unpopular.

    Jon, through his eponymous character, is simply brilliant at skewering the common man’s “ideas” about technology.

  • jt1701d

    I agree with Mr. Stewart on this. Even though I tried googling how many google plus users are out there and couldn’t come up with anything concrete, the irony rings true. Though there might be a lot of users out there, it’s barely mentioned in news articles or gossip around the water tank. Facebook still has a strangle hold on the market. Oh, and google needs to be smacked with a much larger fine than $25k for not cooperating with the government!! (There’s my 2 cents!)

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