Can Microsoft get you to start using Internet Explorer again?

That’s the goal of a new online campaign built around a lighthearted site called “The Browser You Loved to Hate,” poking fun at IE’s reputation and saying things have changed.

“Some people are trying the new Internet Explorer and actually liking it. Not that they would actually say that out loud. Curious? It’s a new browser,” reads the introductory text on the site, which also features the video above.

The campaign comes one year after the release of Internet Explorer 9, a major overhaul that focused on better support for web standards and deeper integration with Windows.

Microsoft has seen its share of the overall desktop browser market decline further in recent years with the rise of Firefox and Chrome, and its decision to focus on the most recent versions of Windows, excluding Windows XP.

The company points to IE9’s growth on Windows 7 as the key metric that it’s watching.

Via The Verge, Seattle Times and the Windows Team Blog.

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  • Jason

    Does it work on Mac? Cause I don’t know anyone anymore with a pc!

    • John Borsberry

      where is the dislike comment button

    • Guest

      You need to get out of Ma’s basement more.

  • Guest

    Depressingly predictable for MS. Lose 50% of the market and all momentum (during which time they acted that it wasn’t a problem) and now that it’s too late and the product’s reputation is destroyed start advertising again.

    • Anonymous

      IE still ahead but losing share on Windows XP but gaining share on Windows 7.

  • Guest

    It’s hard to imagine any scenario under which I would give up Chrome and return to IE.  I stuck with IE for so long, until I could bear it no more, and switched to Chrome about a year ago.  I want to love Microsoft, but they don’t make it easy.  In any case, based on my own use, IE9 is inferior to Chrome in nearly every respect – advertising will not fix that problem.

    • Tommy

      Well you could download it and try it and see if you like it. I actually liked it over Google Chrome and I’m using IE 10 right now (Windows 8 Consumer preview) mainly because Google Chrome always had that sad face on some sort of chip that said Google Chrome crashed.

  • Jess

    In the real world, many people use IE.  In the tech world, many use Chrome or FF.  Big diff.  Take a look around and eventually you’ll stop lying to yourself.  It’s still a Windows world and Microsoft isn’t going anywhere no matter what you want or think.  Live with it.

  • Jackcarp

    I have IE9, FF & Chrome on my system.  IE 9 is my favorite by leaps and bounds. 

  • Jason

    “Chrome’s much better than the competition!”, “No, Firefox is by far the best browser.”, “Are you kidding? IE9 rocks.” (In wonders a weirdo) “No, Safari on Windows is king.”

    Newsflash to the world. 90%+ of the people I speak to either don’t give a rats ass or support browser X because their “techie friend” said it was better. The reality is, most people will use whatever they’re given. Whichever browser successfully targets Enterprise admins will win the enterprise desktop space. For home users, whichever browser is most consistently rammed down the end user’s throat and will not relinquish”default browser” status will garner the greatest home user marketshare.

    • Tommy

      Please please tell me you were joking when you said Safari on Windows is king, PLEASE! You don’t know the pain I went through when I downloaded that stupid *** browser on Windows 7, it SUCKED! Safari is only good on Macs and i Devices.

  • Anonymous

    In the Enterprise realm IE still rules the land, but now that relationship is becoming strained with compatibilities of modern website design requirements as most notably institutions that are slow to upgrade for compatibility reasons due to bad IT decisions or budget constants.
    As a band-aid approch I now see a second browser (Chrome/Firefox) being installed to help offset these limitations. One example is the U.S. State Department.

    IE9 is a huge upgrade and gladly welcomed change from the old, but it still ranks last on This should change with IE10, but that hasn’t shipped yet and will be limited again to Windows 7 & 8.

  • John Borsberry

    still using chrome and firefox lol. high time people realised opera shits on them all :v

  • Guest

    Actually, it was their introduction of IE 9 not working on XP that made me switch to Apple computers.

    • Guest

      Did you just remark at your dislike of the fact that a modern browser was not available to an OS almost 10 years old upon the browser’s release? I’m sorry.. I was living in the NOW.

      • Anonymous

        10 year old has no meaning as XP was refreshed essentials with SP2 in 2004 and SP3 in 2008. Stop spreading FUD about XP. All other browser vendors are not fools to keep supporting it. Microsoft’s agenda to drop XP support for Windows 7 sales isn’t working and IE is overall dying because of its bad reputation.

  • li jude

    i use ie 9 ,avant 2012 and firefox .most of time use avant browser and firefox .
    ie is easy to be forget .no special feature ,no beautiful skin.who can remember it ?

  • Jason Gerard Clauss

    That was such a Domino’s move. And for the record, Domino’s new recipe still sucks.

  • SoftwareWorld

    The problem now is that many users on chrome and firefox are using the plugins for extra functionality such as FTP , chat , Video conferencing , imacro automation , download management etc.  , so they are not going to move away to IE just for the browsing.

    Its similar to why iphone users are not going to move to Android or vice versa because of the applications they use.

  • Storymodelol

    Sorry IE team, but stop lying to yourself – IE9 is still slower than the two other major browsers out there. Yes, I’ve tried it. Doesn’t come close to Chrome’s speed by far.

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