We’re getting ready to kick off the big GeekWire Summit this afternoon — marking GeekWire’s first anniversary by bringing together tech leaders from around the region and the country for a conversation about the future of technology and innovation in the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

As a lighthearted way of commemorating the occasion, we’ve partnered with the team at Killer Infographics on this graphical comparison, below, poking fun at the geek stereotypes of Silicon Valley and Seattle.

We’ll be handing out copies of this infographic to attendees along with the agenda for the day, but we wanted to share it here on GeekWire, as well. We had fun putting it together, and we hope you enjoy it. (Click for larger version.)

In truth, for all their differences, Seattle and Silicon Valley have more and more in common these days, particularly as companies from the Bay Area come north in search of scarce engineering talent.

This trend, and how Seattle could improve upon on its standing as a tech hub, is one of the many topics we’ll be touching on during the event today.

A big thanks to Killer Infographics for all their work on this feature. For more, see their portfolio.

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  • Eric

    Wow so cool!!!

  • http://blog.daryn.net daryn

    windows phone and c#? 

    I think their information might be coming from a little bit further east than seattle :)

  • http://twitter.com/bawbgale Bob Gale

    Bill G? More like Jeff B.

  • http://www.facebook.com/kmorrill Kevin Morrill

    San Francisco feels like it’s in the middle of a zombie apocalypse sometimes with all the homeless and drugged out crazy people.  I think you’ve got that one on the wrong side.

    • http://twitter.com/d2k Doug Winfield

      San Francisco has real-life zombies, Seattle has the fancy-dress, flash-mob variety. 

  • luke

    A better title would be Redmond/Bellevue Geeks vs. Silicon Valley Geeks. Some of the generalizations don’t fit the Seattle crowd well at all…namely 1) Starbucks 2) Burgermaster 3) Windows Phone 4) Kindle Fire. Nicely done though with the fashion flannel…

  • Isaac Alexander

     Great graphic! One submission I’d like to see added to the California companies in Seattle. Adobe purchased Aldus in the 1990’s and still has a big presence in the area.

  • Erik Blachford

    As someone who has swum around in both waters, not too far off the mark I have to say, nicely done.

  • Erik Blachford

    As someone who has swum around in both waters, not too far off the mark I have to say, nicely done.

  • http://lamiki.com/ Laura Kimball

    Wait a minute, the Seattle geek would not eat Burgermaster, they’d eat Dick’s…

    • johnhcook

      No way. The Bellevue Burgermaster is the old hangout of Bill Gates and Paul Allen, and was once referred to as the company’s cafeteria. We even mentioned it as one of our historic tech landmarks in our presentation at the GeekWire Summit yesterday. 

      Burgermaster is the real deal. Plus, you’ll find me at the one on Aurora at least once a week. :)

      • Anonymous

        If this was a Microsoft geek (which it appears to be), maybe it would matter where Bill and Paul used to eat. 
        Any true Seattlelite knows Dicks is the real deal. :)

        • Lamont Granquist

          Yep, Dick’s (And I’ve been a Seattle Geek since 1989, long before it was trendy).

          Article reads like it was written by someone in Bay Area who researched Microsoft and figured that was what being a Seattle Geek was all about.

          Totally guilty on the Rave Green, though, Go Sounders!

    • CJ

      I agree, I don’t know a single geek that likes Burgermaster. Nor do I know any non-MS employee with a Windows phone still. (But I do like the newest looks of them). 

      • johnhcook

        I am going to the mats on Burgermaster folks. Geeky history, and just a better burger. Plus, you can eat in your car, which is more efficient. And we know how geeks like efficiency. :)

        • http://twitter.com/sib1013 Scott Blanksteen

          Totally agree with John. Burgermaster >> Dicks. 

        • Bryan Mistele

          I have to agree with John – Burgermaster all the way.  Of course, it’s right across the street from our offices, but still…

        • luke
        • http://twitter.com/kavla Kav Latiolais

          What car? Look at the info graphic. We ride bikes yo! I’m for Dick’s and so is our friend Mix.

        • DavidOfSeattle

           Agree. Dick’s gets all the love, but not because the burgers are that great. Burgermaster is a far better patty….

    • Cassie

      Soooooo true about the Seattle geek. Redmond geeks really do eat at the BM. Or at Dixie’s to say they “tried The Man”.

  • Fletcher Rob

    I think you meant: “Android Phone” and Ruby on Rails.

  • http://twitter.com/d2k Doug Winfield

    Do people still get stuck on the 520? 

    • CJ

      Is it still warmer in the bay then Seattle?

      • johnhcook

        My weather report says 55 and sunny in Seattle. And it is now 59 and sunny in SF. 

        Damn, don’t beat them even on this nice day!!

    • Lamont Granquist

      AFAIK not since it went to be toll? I never take it though, don’t live or work on the Eastside so most of this article is meaningless to me.

  • http://www.recruitingtoolbox.com/blog John Vlastelica

    Love this.  We’re going to feature speakers from several of these companies at our http:.//talent42.com national tech recruiting conference in Seattle in June.  Zynga’s head of recruiting, Facebook Director of Engineering, and a lead software engineer from Google are going to join a bunch of other people who live and breathe recruiting tech talent to talk about how we hire the best.  

  • Anonymous

    And then there are those shuttling in between like me who manage to get stuck on the 101 and the 520 on the same day!

  • ap

    Seattle could be a Geek Girl…we have lots of them here!

    • johnhcook

      Absolutely. I love that Seattle is home to GeekGirlCon.

  • http://twitter.com/lunarmobiscuit Michael ‘Luni’ Libes

    Agreed this has an Eastside bias.  Hey Killer, next up can you do Seattle vs. Eastside?!  Good to Go vs. Ferry pass.  Objective C vs. C#.  Stuck on 5 vs. Stuck on 405.  Bill G vs. Jeff B.  Etc.

    • Cassie

      I <3 this comment!

  • Ajin1013

    awesome ! cool !!! 

  • Michael Murray

    San Francisco => Truckee: 3+ hours
    Seattle => Snoqualmie:  ~ 1 hour (1:30 => Stevens, 2:00 to Crystal)

    The ski pass should be on the Seattle guy :).

  • http://twitter.com/jclaussftw Jason Gerard Clauss

    As a Seattle-ite, I am voting Silicon Valley. That pretty much nails both styles to a T… and the Seattle hipster style makes me ill.

  • boosh

    I reeeeally want this as a poster in the office. Anywhere to get one?

  • Jackson

    Should be Silicon Valley Geeks vs Puget Sound Geeks

  • Brian

    Windows phone?

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