You’ve probably come across Apple’s clever new iPad mini advertisement featuring the two-hand duet from “Heart and Soul.” I thought it was clever and creative — typical of Apple ads.

But a spoof of the ad featuring Microsoft’s Surface posted yesterday on YouTube had me cracking up.

Produced by Seattle-based Cinesaurus, the video starts just like the iPad advertisement. But then, at the same point an iPad mini appears in the Apple ad, a Surface appears in the spoof instead.

Spolier alert: expect rave music, the Surface flying around and broken iPads. Watch, laugh and enjoy.

Want more? The folks at Cinesaurus did another iPad mini ad spoof, this time with several Apple products playing that same song.

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  • Guest

    Nice! Although I don’t normally endorse limb loss for profit, I’m considering an exception in this case. Great use of technological juxtaposition (texpos) to generate more “buzz” for this hot new tablet.

  • Guest

    Problem is that is not the iPad Mini. It’s the regular iPad.

    • Taylor Soper

      Ah, you’re right. We fixed the headline — thanks for catching that.

  • Guest

    More along the lines of RIP OFF. I heard that Microsoft’s Surface uses 16 Gigs out of 32 available Gigs just for the Operation System. What gives? Time for a GeekWire investigation…

    • GuestGuestGuest

      This has already been answered. Take a break from shilling for Apple and go get educated.

    • Michael Hazell

      Yes that is true. It is already all over the web.

  • Guest

    To be honest. Garageband on the iPad rocks and Microsoft has nothing that can compare.

  • Guest

    Garageband on the iPad rocks. Microsoft has nothing at all that compares…

  • Michael Hazell

    Ha ha…I wonder if Microsoft will every push out an ad like that. I mean Amazon so far has made the boldest of advertising moves.

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