Architects for have submitted new drawings that show, in much greater detail, the company’s plans for three new office towers on the northern edge of downtown Seattle, with big glassy buildings connected by courtyards and greenspaces.

The drawings, included in a public filing on the city’s website, give a sense for the the tone the company will be trying to set with the campus — with big glassy buildings and green space connecting them.

It’s an update to a previous version of the filing that didn’t include detailed architectural renderings.

The new drawings are labeled as draft, and the company’s architects at the firm NBBJ note that they’re intended to illustrate early open space and building design concepts.

The Seattle Times spotted the filing and posted the drawings earlier today. The update comes in advance of a hearing set for Tuesday evening before Seattle’s Design Review Board.

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  • ted

    Pretty boring design.

  • Seattle Rexx

    They have the extremely rare opportunity to create world-class, iconic architecture to showcase their position in the technology world as well as cement their connection to Seattle and , unfortunately, chose to go yawn-inducingly boring and predictable. I wonder if Jeff Bezos has even seen these underwhelmingly Un-Amazon designs. Between the awful Gates Foundation “boomerangs” and the “Amazon Court Condos”, Seattle is quickly becoming an also-ran in the urban design department.

    • Guest

      What would you like?

  • Guest

    Congratulations to Amazon on transforming three urban blocks into an exciting, vibrant, densely-populated destination!

  • Michael

    Yet another expample of Seattle’s low architectural expectations. No wonder, though, if you look at Amazon’s South Lake Union office buildings, all of them unimaginative boxes of no architectural value. They had the opportunity to redefine a whole neighborhood and blew it big time.

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