Google’s Chrome has surpassed Microsoft’s Internet Explorer as the world’s most widely used browser, according to the latest numbers from StatCounter. The trend shows a steady decline for IE over the past year overall, and a strong increase for Chrome, with more than 32 percent market share.

However, separate stats from NetApplications for the desktop browser market show Internet Explorer still in the lead by a wide margin, and actually gaining in recent months, from less than 52 percent in December to more than 54 percent as of the end of April.

Microsoft has disputed the StatCounter numbers in the past. Since then, the research firm says it has addressed one of Microsoft’s biggest complaints and stopped counting “prerendered” pages — pages that are preloaded by the browser for purposes of speed but aren’t actually viewed by browser users.

However, StatCounter has declined to give geographic weighting to its numbers based on population. Microsoft contended in the past that the lack of weighting distorted the StatCounter numbers.

Whatever significance you give to the different numbers, it’s clear that the browser market is as competitive as ever. Microsoft continues to focus on boosting Internet Explorer 9’s market share on Windows 7, but the world is bigger than that, and it will be especially interesting to see where these numbers are in another year or so.

Via Business Insider and the Next Web.

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  • Guest

    Anecdotally, I can state that I know far more Google Chrome users than I do Microsoft Internet Explorer users. I haven’t consciously used IE in years, except of course to download the installer for a Chrome derivative I use. (Mandatory automatic updates and other security flaws have kept me away from Chrome proper, but Google has been gracious enough to release the source code so that better browsers can be built.)

    • Guest

      And you square this with your undying support for Ballmer how?

      • Guest

        My undying support for whom?

        • Guest

          Comprehension challenges?

          • Guest

            I’m sorry, but I think you’ve confused me with someone else.

  • Richard Winstead

    I much prefer Explorer 10 with HTML 5  surprises are coming.

  • Guest

    also worth remembering that IE isn’t available on Mac.

    • Guest

      Which has what to do with which browser is most widely used?

      • Back

        Well, when you subtract the 10% of the computing public that use a Mac, it increases the share for IE.

  • Guest

    I love our strategy. The board loves our strategy.

    – Steve Ballmer

  • Barbiebearden

    Although I am not crazy about Chrome for personal reasons, it is far superior to IE and as Apple stock will tell things need to be more compatible and IE is not with Mac. It is a dinosaur that paved the way but needs to be retired, IMHO. 

  • Tropix

    We have uninstalled every instance of Chrome in our company of over 120+ computers.  IE just works must fast and better.  Just keep your stuff updated.  Its pretty easy to do.  And I like that microsoft sees me as the customer.  With Google they see their advertisers as customers, you are the product.

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