Used to be, if one wanted to receive real-time updates on a smart watch about their e-mails and texts, they would probably have to go Pebble.

No more. A Seattle-area entrepreneur is raising funds for the Cookoo watch on kickstarter. A design project by Peter Hauser from Kenmore, Wash., the Cookoo project has already surpassed it’s initial $150,000 goal, raising more than $200,000 in pledges from nearly 1,900 backers to date. And there are 17 more days to go. (Of course, that’s nowhere near the $10.2 million that Pebble pulled in).

The Cookoo watch’s features will help users manage their social networks, e-mails, phone messages, texts and apps in one place. It need not ever be recharged. It boasts a round face — and a different, and may we say, more stylish look than the square-faced Pebble — and color schemes like green on black, black on black, brushed stainless on black, white on black and blue on black. And it even comes with a box that can be reused as a bird feeder.

Hauser is a former Microsoft employee and joined its hardware division in 1998. He helped develop the first optical mice, first Bluetooth mice and keyboards, and led the Bluetooth HID working group, according to his online bio at kickstarter.

We’re still out on whether smart watches are necessary in our connected age of smartphones — can you remember the last time you wore one? — but it may yet prove to be another handy way to get nagged by your significant other to buy milk.

What do you think? Would you rather sport a Pebble or a Cookoo?

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  • Tim Gheen

    I’ve got to go with the COOKOO because of the look and functionality. Pebble has it’s benefits, but I’d rather have something that serves many more purposes and shows some fashion sense at the same time. Besides, I have enough trouble keeping my phone charged, I’d rather have my phone last a year on one battery like the COOKOO than have another gadget I need to charge every night like the Pebble.

    They still have 16 days left and just launched a keychain to go along with it. More reason I’m COOKOO.

    • spaceman2001

      Pebble is the one with the style. It looks like it’s from the future.

  • Yapapi

    I’m a Pebble backer. I don’t want the Cookoo, I didn’t get the Pebble for a watch that can tell me if I have something, I got the Pebble to be a wrist based platform giving me basic control over the phone without having to take it out of my pocket.

  • HTK

    I’ve read that Cookoo is working with apple so they can enable the sms to be sent to the cookoo but how in the world will the Pebble do this?

  • GadgetGeek

    Great article! Another smart watch to be on the lookout for is Touch Time.
    Touch Time, a new smart watch from Phosphor Watch doesn’t have to be synced with a phone, in fact, you don’t even need to own a smart phone.
    They are on Kickstarter and funded on the first day

  • tommy

    not so smart watch it stands for nothing 1face watch is nice and helps people

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