One of the more interesting features of the Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone, announced last week, was the ability to wirelessly charge the device without plugging it in — instead placing it on or near a wireless power transmitter.

Well, it wasn’t very interesting to Apple. After unveiling the new iPhone 5 yesterday, Apple marketing boss Phil Schiller told AllThingsD that the company doesn’t see much use for the type of wireless charging that Nokia showed, because it still requires the use of a wireless charging unit.

“Having to create another device you have to plug into the wall is actually, for most situations, more complicated,” Schiller told AllThingsD’s Ina Fried.

Accessories announced last week by Nokia included the Fatboy Recharge Pillow and the JBL PowerUp wireless charging speaker system. As a start, the company also announced partnerships with Virgin Atlantic and Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf to deploy wireless charging stations and charging plates.

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  • guest

    “Having to create another device you have to plug into the wall is actually, for most situations, more complicated,”

    Like say a new connector adapter so that your iPhone5 can connect to all your previous i Accessories? This is Apple at its lamest. Had they come out with it first, they would have claimed it was magical and revolutionary. But because Nokia did, it’s useless.

    • x2fr

      Lame indeed; because wireless or not, you’re gonna need to plug something on the wall to get power! Nokia’s solution removes the need to plug your device to the charger, just placing it in proximity to the charger rather than physically plugging it (a 2-handed operation, no less) is more convenient. Yeah, it’s that “not invented here therefore it’s of no value” attitude at play there.

  • Mariano

    I don´t agree with Mr. Schiller. The reason why is because the most annoying moment in the morning is when I try to unplug my iPhone from the cord. However the iPhone is placed always in the same place at home so it would be easier if I only have to drop and pick instead of dealing with wires. Usability.

  • Guest

    We believe that this insult means that Apple is introducing a wireless charger in 2013. Apple has made similarly dismissive statements about flash-based MP3 players (before introducing iPod shuffle), about video playback on small screens (iPod video), about smartphones (iPhone), and about electronic books (iBookstore).

    When iTV debuts in 2015, we expect it to have an induction charging mechanism for iPhone. Note that induction charging is the proper name for what the less-literate call “wireless charging” (a misnomer, as wires are clearly present in the photo above).

    • TgrHwke

      The wire in photo is the power cord going to the charging plate, not to the phone that is sitting on top of it.

  • Apple_PR_shill

    You also don’t need a larger screen, longer battery life, a superior camera, NFC or…anything else we don’t currently have

    • Rjflorida

      Exactly. “If we didn’t give it to you then you don’t need it.”

  • B_Manx

    its actually a good idea you could have a bluetooth stereo in every room in your house and the stereo makers could simply provide a little area in the top of the unit to drop your phone so it can charge while streaming with no wires hanging out. eventually phones could be 100% sealed with no opening for water to get in.

    • macgruber

      Absolutely… I could make my own watertight case (or buy Lifeproof if they make one) that covers the microUSB port (with induction charging, sync over Wi-Fi and Bluetooth audio you would hardly ever have to take it out of the case). By the way induction charging is on my electric toothbrush and electric kettle (obvious applications) and I think it’s amazing.

  • epobirs

    Wow, how remarkably short sighted.

    Many of us have multiple devices we need charged. Some may only travel with us occasionally, unlike the phone, but all of them need to be ready on short notice to be grabbed on the way out the door. Having a single surface to just lay the devices not only aids in readiness but also in organization by having a place where it all belongs when not in use.

    Long term, I think this will be come obsolete for mobile devices. The advances on solar charging, in the areas of durability and unobtrusiveness rather than efficiency, will lead to devices that are constantly acquiring a bit of charge when ever they’re exposed to light. The trick there is to make the standby power draw lower than the power that can be derived from normal room lighting, providing a near-infinite standby time.

  • Keary

    I just think Apples failure to use wireless charging stems from their wish to lock people into their brand. If you release a device that uses a standard that other devices use such as NFC and wireless charging, the accessories you buy for that device could very well work with another brands device. This would allow it to be easier for their existing customers to change brands and not be locked into Apples hooks. Since they are changing their port, this would be a good time for existing customers to really think about if they want to stay with them and get caught in the cycle again. Don’t get me wrong, I think Apple makes very gorgeous and well functioning devices but Apple is a horrible company as far as creating propriety though out their product line is concerned. Your Apple purchased music, movies, accessories, apps, books and other Apple devices either won’t work, or won’t be as functional without being fully in with their ecosystem. Of course they won’t admit to that as the reason they left out those technologies, so they’ll just say they are a gimmick and a year or two from now when they are all the rage and people won’t buy a phone without it they’ll implement their own that is either a new forced standard or just their own tech that developers and Accessory OEM’s will have to bend to.

  • Flavio

    Imagine cafes and restaurants with a charging pad on every table: you arrive and simply put your phone on it, so it charges while you drink, no matter the manufacturer.

    And about the connector, since they had to change, why not going to the micro USB everyone else is using and as required by the European Union too? Clearly to have people still locked in their ecosystem rather than allowing iSheeps use accessories by others and vice-versa.

    • Ben T

      ^Vision… This response is Apple without Jobs. Their arrogance may be the downfall of their company.

  • teamdave™

    “more complicated”
    yea more complicated for them! a child would be able to put the phone down on the wireless charger, no problems there. plugging in and out a usb lead is complicated compared to that.
    but they will be bringing it out soon im sure, but we will have to wait until they figure out an uncomplicated way of making it first, a revolutionary way!

  • Eric Bresie

    HP/Palm’s WebOS devices had this technology which also included the base which when placed on, allowed the device to adjust accordingly (i.e. it would change from a “phone mode” to a “clock” mode). But this regretfully failed to dazzle people.

    • simon cooper

      this feature is a sidekick. palm had lackings in other major feature which led them disappear from history. Nokia on the other hand has specificcation superiority. and windows phone is faster than android os. and windows has a data compression technology, which consumes 70% less data than iphone for similar activities.

      • Lowell Denzel Orlando Richmond

        the OS sucks ……deal with it

        • ahsn11

          not as much as you do…

  • simon cooper

    apple is rotten now.

  • gmskking

    Wireless charging technology is not where it needs to be yet. I want to be able to walk in a room and/or house and the phone starts charging. NO charging pads, those make no sense.

    • Sarah Gerweck

      I don’t think you want that much electromagnetic radiation bombarding you, or your reproductive cells, or your young children.

  • Lowell Denzel Orlando Richmond

    YOU DON’T NEED THIS EXTRA CRAP….. it should be seperate

  • David

    I would use one, and would you like to know why, Apple? You prevent someone could bring down your phone and it could break, you could be in a long distance from the charger while the phone is wirelessly charging, no annoying wires, and what else? You are just jealous that other phones have it and yours don’t, at least, I could accept you like a humble and honest company, but not, you think that you are the best and have the latest stuff up to date. You attack Microsoft that Surface sucks and the real funny thing is that is better than the iPad 3 (both versions [RT&PRO]), you should shut your mouth up and progress with your shit, because bothering other companies, all what you will have, is the end of your company, but it has already been dying since Jobs’ death. Hope you reflect your mistakes and errors, good luck, Apple.

  • Art Carnage

    Since this is also slated in the future for the Galaxy S3 (with just a battery swap), of course Apple has to be against it. I just hope they don’t make Palm’s mistake, and charge an arm and a leg for the charging station. I think they wanted $70 for the Pre charger.

  • christba

    I have the wireless charger as it was free with the initial
    purchase. I probably wouldn’t have
    purchased it separately but I would now.
    It’s just convenient, quick, fast and seamless. No
    more worrying lining up or damaging the pins.

  • nanakojobentil

    please i hope you a very blissful today moment.

  • vmgunz

    I will just get one to prove just because Apple said it’s not useful.. APPLE, YOU SUCKS! LOL.. But seriously, wireless charging is to provide more convenience without need to plug in/out, and with NFC, it just makes sense.. The problem is those accessories are EXPENSIVE!!

  • Ahanix

    Real innovative Nokia. My old Incredible 2 supported that too.

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