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Amazon Lockers were practically incognito when the company began testing the concept in Seattle last year. The nondescript beige lockers showed up quietly in 7-Elevens and other locations, and they were available as a delivery option for only a subset of the company’s customers.

The company still hasn’t made any kind of formal announcement, but now the locker initiative appears to be getting more visible, in multiple ways. More people are now seeing the locker delivery option when they check out, and there’s even an official FAQ. Amazon also appears to be putting the delivery lockers in more cities.

Tech blogger Dave Zatz alerts us to a new collection of Amazon Lockers in Northern Virginia, outside of Washington, D.C. — expanding beyond the original pilot cities of Seattle, New York and London.

The lockers are also making their presence known with a new paint job, as shown in Zatz’s picture above from one of the Northern Virginia 7-Elevens.

A report by The Daily in March said that Amazon has seen light usage of the lockers so far, but the company is still determined to expand the program. As we reported last fall, real estate agents representing Amazon have been on the hunt for new locations for locker installations.

The lockers provide an alternative to home or office for the delivery of packages from Amazon. Customers pick a nearby locker location when they check out. When the package arrives, they get an email with a special code that opens the locker when entered at the location.

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  • TomJTaylor
  • Rental Guard App

    I’ve used the lockers a couple of times, find them very useful
    and easy. Packages don’t sit unsecured in the weather at my front door. My only
    question is if they get popular, especially during Christmas, how will my
    package(s) be delivered or delayed if all the lockers are full?

  • Balpreet Patil

    I think this is going to be a huge success. Many more gonna follow this solution. I worked on similar project. As a developer I wrote application that run on kiosk and manage these lockers.

  • Guest

    Congrats to Amazon on the launch! This is a great innovation, something we have never seen before in the United States.

  • LN

    Wouldn’t this cause Amazon to have “nexus” in the states where it has these lockers?

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