I pride myself on being able to argue reasonably, listen respectfully, consider new perspectives thoughtfully and — most of the time — withhold judgment.

But I just don’t get it. Anyone who uses a newer iPhone without a case must be completely nuts.

This includes close friends, tech geniuses, GeekWire’s Todd Bishop and all kinds of people I respect. Hell, my husband is one of these lunatics. Every time I spot his iPhone 4, shielded from a cruel world by nothing more than a thin film on the front, I cringe, look at him and think, Good lord, WHY?

I love you all, but really. I’ve heard your reasons and they don’t make sense. You’re out there, way too many of you, defending your naked iPhones with a casual pride I’ve tried and failed to understand.

Snap out of it, people, ’cause this is madness.

Here are five reasons why:

1. It’s. Made. Of. Glass.

An iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S is a steel frame surrounded by not one but two panels of a smooth, sleek, fragile substance called glass. Is it that geektastic Corning glass? Yes. Is it stronger and more damage resistant than a lot of glass? Apparently. Is it oh-so-cleverly called “Gorilla” glass? You bet. It’s still glass. That stuff that shatters when you throw a rock at it. Or hurl a bad guy through it. Or set a mug on it too hard. Or, you know, drop it. Apple gets away with making mobile phones out of glass because Apple is God. The rest of you should face facts.

2. You are not God

Monica Guzman's shattered iPhone

You’re responsible, you’re consistent, you’re disciplined. You’ve never dropped a phone in your life and you never will. Ha! Funny. If you haven’t been there, you’ll get there, and let me tell you — it sucks. You only have to be clumsy or careless or a total idiot once.

The only reason my iPhone 4 escaped certain death when it flew off the roof of my car getting on I-5 that luckiest of unluckiest days last year (total idiot) was because it was in a case.

You can take a shattered phone to Apple for top-of-the-line, wallet-busting surgery or search for a bargain at a local repair shop or down the back alleys of eBay or Craigslist. Or you can get a case.

3. Ive won’t mind.

Deep in the mythical land of Apple lives a man — nay — a legend of insurmountable genius named Jonathan Ive. Ive led the design of the iPod and the iMac, the Air and the iPad, and yes, the absolutely ravishing iPhone. Newer models don’t curve for grip and can slip from your hands, but that’s OK, you say, because Ive forged not just a phone but a work of art, and you’ll be damned if you keep it under a case. Here’s the thing, though: Ive’s all set. Everyone and their grandmother knows what an iPhone looks like and that it’s glorious. Yours isn’t a thing of beauty as much as it’s just another iPhone. Want to honor its splendor? Great. Protect it.

4. Bulk is beautiful

Monica Guzman

Put in for a case and you won’t be assigned some stuffy standard issue rag. This is the free market, thank goodness, and cases compete on aesthetics and lightness as well as portability and practicality. My phones have worn all kinds of cases, most of them swag from one conference or another. My iPhone 4 is currently sporting a green and gray OtterBox that’s keeping me worry free. Type “iPhone” into Google’s search bar and “iPhone cases” is the fourth suggested search. Translation: you’ve got choices. Will all these choices add bulk to your phone? Of course. It pays it back in peace of mind.

5. Your phone is too big to fail

Face it: If you have an iPhone and you love your iPhone you’re going to have a bad day when the naked little guy falls and breaks. It may shut down outright, interrupting your busy schedule with an emergency trip to a repair shop where you can’t check your email while you wait. Or it’ll suffer some screen damage or camera casualty you’ll swear is no big deal until it digs into your skull in a slow, geeky form of torture. Either way, ick. You can expose the ruling gadget of your life to technological tragedy, or you can save yourself a full stop in your mobile grind in the future with a little prevention today.

Think I’m crazy? Tell me why. This could get interesting.

Previously from Mónica: Let’s admit it: We’re still using our phones when we driveToday food trucks, tomorrow the world? Mobile app LevelUp targets Seattle geeks.

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  • beartooth72

    I was using my phone for Geocaching and I dropped it from 20 feet up on to some rocks.  The result?  A slight ding in the case, and some rock dust that got behind the case.  If I hadn’t had the case, I don’t think I’d have an iPhone anymore!

    • Berker

      Sure you would have your iPhone. It would just be broken.

    • Ty is here

      … and I dropped my Droid 3 from about 5 feet onto the concrete and managed to kick it about 20 feet… on it’s face.  Not one scratch on the glass.  Now, the bezel has a couple of scratches but not the glass.

  • I Believe in Otterbox

    I completely agree; I love my otter boxes.  They are freakin awesome!  A while back when I had an iPhone 3gs, it fell out of the clip as I was running.  Bounced off the sidewalk and then I accidentally kicked it and watched it bounce off the cement a couple of more times.  Just like Timex, it took a lickin and kept on tickin.  No damage to the phone.  GO otter box.

  • http://busterbenson.com/ Buster Benson

    I’ve dropped and broken 2 (maybe 3?) phones, and I’ve dropped one in a lake (don’t take your iPhone in a canoe on Lake Washington on Sea Fair day).  That said, I still don’t have a case for my phone.

    Well, scratch that… I DID have a case for about a year, during which time I didn’t drop my phone once.  The tramas of past breakages has trained me perhaps.  Eventually, I got rid of the cover… for those of us who keep phones in jeans pockets, it’s just not ideal to have a cover.

    Then, just last year, I dropped it AGAIN and broke it when trying to wrangle a finicky headphone jack out of it on a late night walk.  But… I was due for an upgrade, and wanted the latest 4S, so it wasn’t really that bad.  I paid $75 to have the screen repaired anyway (the people at JCD Repair are AWESOME: http://www.jcdrepair.com/), and gave it to a friend.

    Now, Apple Care covers cracked screens!  For $50, you can repair a screen up to 2 times.  That’s about the price of a cover so now I can have my iPhone and eat it too!

    • http://moniguzman.com Monica Guzman

      That’s not bad. I’ve gotten the sense that Apple has over time given people more and more ways to not feel like its all over when their iPhone screen breaks. It is still amazing to me though how breakable they are. Apparently the next version of Gorilla Glass is going to be a good bit stronger. Go innovation.

  • Iphoneswithoutcovers

    When you went to pick up your shiny new iPhone, I bet you rode your three wheeled tricycle to the apple store with a helmet, elbow pads and knee pads… But then again, that’s probably a stupid idea. No, I bet you drove in your brand new car, fully equipped with plastic protection covers, mudguards and an oversized bumper that screams “watch out, I live my life on the edge,” while leaving your warning lights on to ensure everybody can see you. When you walked to the shop at an easy walking pace to ensure you didn’t strain yourself I think you must have slipped and fallen and knocked your head. iPhone covers are a plain right eyesore and so are your conservative insults. Kind regards, insulted reader.

    • iPhone user

      I agree. If everyone was like the writer, we’d all be plastic wrapped covered in foam. It’s just a phone.

    • gradyphilpott

      Are you blonde and were you at a cocktail party in Albuquerque this weekend?

    • billy

      What a doucher lol

  • http://twitter.com/mtishenko Mark Tishenko

    Why would you buy a nice suit and wear a rain coat over it even if its not raining? Its the same if you put an f***ing ugly case on your gorgeous iPhone.

    • http://moniguzman.com Monica Guzman

      What if you put a nice case on your gorgeous iPhone? Or do you think those don’t exist? Also, what about an Apple bumper? Not as protective as a case, but they do come with the Apple design seal of approval…

      • Millzy

        I have never seen an iPhone case that didn’t give me the classic eye sore.
        For a while I put the apple bumper on my 4S, but whilst it was less intrusive to the iPhones beauty than other cases, I didn’t enjoy the distinctive steel rim being hidden away nor the fact it became tedious to get in and out of my pockets.
        I will continue to own a naked iPhone and if it cracks; so be it. I guess I’ll have to pay the cost.

      • cfo

        Yep. The first thing I bought for my wife’s iPhone was an awesome Burberry case. Makes a gorgeous product look even more gorgeous.

      • Sup

        All iphone cases look like crap on it. Bumpers are ok but i like the hard quality feel of the phone in my hand

  • Eagleseast84

    You forgot about AppleCare+ which can save you if something happens and you don’t have to use a case.

  • beauty to be shown

    I have a Iphone and it is shattered right now. I will fix it and keep it naked.
    Its beauty and design are the main reasons I bouhgt it on first place. If I just wanted a superb phone, careless about design, I would buy a Galaxy S3… so why I cover it?

    By the way… very nice picture of you. You look very pretty, Monica. Please do not cover your face with some burqa just because you want to protect it… please!

    • perturbed

       What in the eff?

  • Guest

    Of course let’s not focus on whether Apple is nuts for creating a phone that is increasingly fragile. Or why the pioneer of unibody design hasn’t bothered to come up with a unibody iPhone, like Nokia has.

  • Freud

    Monica, talking about nuts…
    take this to your shrink, you are facing some heavy insecurity issues…

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1710171 Adam Philipp

    Amen Sister! Even a bumper does wonders for saving an iPhone’s glass because like most (all?) tempered glass, an impact to the edge of the glass is much more likely to cause it to shatter. 

    Forget AppleCare, my time is more valuable to me and I do not want to spend it waiting at the Genius Bar.

    • http://moniguzman.com Monica Guzman

      I get the AppleCare argument, but I’m with you here. It’s an inconvenience to have to repair something that may not have had to break in the first place.

      • Frank Arnold

        OK so why have a case if when you have a case your phone breaks. I am so pissed off. I spent 40 some $ for a case and now I have to spend #150.00 to replace a phone that was covered. So what is your point? Are you a sales rep?

  • ChadwickWill

    I have always kept my iPhone naked. First let’s establish something: dropping an iPhone from chest or even ear height will only do cosmetic damage. It is very rare to drop an iPhone to its death in regular circumstances. To me, putting a case on the iPhone to protect it is destroying the very thing you are trying to protect. It is like driving around with a tarp on a Ferrari. If I drop it and shatter the back, I can use the $50 dollars I saved from not having a case to repair it. If I drop it on its face, again, I can put the $50 dollars I saved from not having a case to go towards repairing it.

    Apple releases the iPhone naked, you should enjoy it naked. It is a sin agains Steve and Jony to cover up the beauty with some third party piece of plastic.

    • GregK

      “To me, putting a case on the iPhone to protect it is destroying the very thing you are trying to protect. It is like driving around with a tarp on a Ferrari.”  — Exactly.

  • Demonstr8r

    My iPhone is always naked. A case adds bulk and turns the phone into a brick of molded plastic with some nearly unknown company logo. YUK!

    • Guest

      OMG, you mean people wouldn’t be able to see you own an Apple product?

    • http://moniguzman.com Monica Guzman

      I’m also not a fan of cases that display their own big huge brands prominently on the back of your phone, often getting in the way of whatever aesthetic feature made you choose that particular case, design-wise. And I’m fascinated by the ones that leave a peephole to the silver Apple logo in the back. The mightiest brand of all … 

  • Arglesmargle

    I work at a major phone retailer. I have to deal with proclaim like those commenting all the time that they broke their precious IPhone. So you drop your phone twice… Then a third time… How does 650 sound for a new phone. Why would you pay the 50 twice when you can get a decent case once and not have to pay 50 for a new one. Or 200 w/o applecare. Buy a case you cheap pathetic bastards.

    Thank you author for not being a dumbass and those who don’t have a case stop whining like an apple gambit b**** when some speaks logic.

    • Arglesmargle

      Fanboy* not gambit Dang auto correct:)

    • Frank Arnold

      Or pay 50.00 and put a case on it and still have to pay to get your phone fixed. OK so we need Obama care for phones.

  • Dan

    A case adds unnecessary bulk to your phone. No matter who makes your phone, they all have to go through rigorous testing. Compression tests and drop tests are a standard part of the QA process for both a device makers and the carriers. For example, Google made a nice video of the testing process for the Nexus One: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R1sz5c-R9h0

    Your phone is already designed to withstand normal wear and tear, in addition to mid range drops. A cell phone case isn’t necessary, but many people think they “need” one for their phones. For the most part, cell phone cases act as a fashion accessory rather than a protection layer.

    Maybe the need to swaddle your cell phone in a case is just maternal instincts kicking in. We often go to great lengths to protect the things we care about most (thick bags for laptops, garages for cars, carseats for children). Wrapping your phone in a heavy duty case might not be necessary, but it likely gives peace of mind knowing that the gadget you care about is somehow safer.

    • http://moniguzman.com Monica Guzman

      To your point about cases acting as fashion accessories rather than protection, I’ve seen that, and particularly (not surprisingly) among women. For me a case really is about protection. I don’t particularly like the green/gray color of my current case, but it does the job and that’s apparently more important to me. Maternal instincts? I get the analogy. Some people like their iPhones, and others LOVE them. I’ll admit mine has become precious enough in my life that I shudder at the thought of letting it go unprotected.

    • Sb

      kids and gadgets do not belong together when comparing things you need to protect ! yes i love my iPhone and yes i have a case but seriously kids and gadgets don’t compare!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=523991550 Leigh Hunt

    Somethings just look better naked…iPhone naked for me. Always has and always will be. 

  • Andrea James


  • Howto

    You’ll be putting a case on your pen next you weird women. Shock headline to grab attention. How lower class. Yawn

    • DejaVu

      Amazing  reponses like this.

      Is Howto short for HowtotallyunhappyIam?

      To do or not to do is obviously a topic.

      Personally I do not think the phone protector, or not, makes the person.

  • Trevonn

    Good read you’re better than most writers out there.

  • Bossxii

    I’ve owned very iPhone, never used a case. Dropped my iPhone 4 once inside, didn’t break. Hate cases, will never use one on my iPhone. Call me nuts but I won’t carry around some rubber and plastic case that makes the iPhone, or any phone look like a preschool toy. Fugly, fugly, fugly.

  • Rich

    Some folks think they’ll never drop their iPhones. Others think they’ll never cause a fatal accident using their iPhones in their cars. Denial makes the world go round.

  • http://twitter.com/emilychen Emily Chen

    I think it’s really personal. I’ve looked and looked and I have yet to see a cell phone cover I don’t find unattractive. No matter how pretty the case, there is always that weird transition between case and display that looks wrong to me. When I have a case on I just feel really sad whenever I use my phone. I’d rather take the risk than feel bummed about it all the time. 

    I also think it’s a major design flaw to make such a breakable phone. *shakes fist*

    • http://moniguzman.com Monica Guzman

      I guess it really does come down to feeling, and you’ve got to do what feels best. Apple products have always been about that – inspiring good feeling in the person who uses it. An interesting follow-up question is what the key difference is in tech-attitude between people who would feel terrible about not putting a case on their phone (clearly, me) and people who would feel terrible putting a case on their phone (you, my husband, and many more). Strong feelings on opposite poles are always fascinating.

    • Sb

      “I also think it’s a major design flaw to make such a breakable phone. *shakes fist*”

      I think we all agree

  • http://blog.daryn.net daryn

    1. I have AppleCare, and 2. The glass is pretty easy to replace, so I like going naked (although right now I have a freebie case from glympse on there). I know it’s a matter of time before I shatter it, but I’m okay with that.

  • Phil

    I find it interesting that my choice not to put a case on my iPhone troubles you enough to publish an article arguing that I must be crazy.  I have never used a case (or “bumper”) with any phone I’ve owned, including several iPhones.  I’ve also been lucky enough to never have damaged a phone.  While the iPhone is a beautiful work of art, it is also surprisingly durable.  Tossing it in my jeans pocket with my keys and it never gets scratched.  Drop it off my desk on to a wood floor and its fine.  Personally, I feel most cases are poorly designed and degrade the beauty and functionality of the phone — not to mention the ease with which I can slide it in and out of my pocket.  However, I respect case-users such as yourself and am amused by how defensive my choice makes you.

  • Agustín

    You forgot one: it gets too hot.

  • Adam

    I enjoy my naked phone. I don’t even use a “thin film” on the front. Phone cases are like condoms: They make you feel safer at the cost of losing the authentic experience of skin against glass. Monica, you can wag your finger at us all day long about thin, light cases. But those who prefer riding bareback understand the risks and choose to experience the primal pleasure of unprotected texting.

    • Agustín

      Doesn’t your iPhone (assuming you have one) gets uncomfortably hot? I like the experience too, but sooner or later I have to put the case back.

  • http://www.intrinsicstrategy.com/ FrankCatalano

    I’m with you, Monica. And it ain’t just iPhones. 

    I have an HTC Droid Incredible 2 and let’s face it – whether you have glass on one side or glass on both sides, you have something that breaks. So mine wears a snug OtterBox case which is slim and smooth enough to easily slide into a pocket. I’ve been a fan of OtterBox ever since it protected my old BlackBerry not just from drops on concrete, but having the rear hatch door of my Subaru Forester close directly on it … twice. Not a scratch on the phone (and a small dent on the case’s frame around the glass). So unmarred, Best Buy accepted it for a trade in gift card when I bought the Droid.If someone can easily afford the cost of an un-subsidized replacement and the hassle of doing without a phone and data until it’s replaced, maybe no case is fine. Not me. Having no case is a fashion choice. My phone has a function. And it ain’t status.

  • Steve Roth

    Now wait a minute: people are spending $60 on these things? Is there a reason I shouldn’t buy the one for $1.30 with free shipping? http://www.amazon.com/Clear-White-Bumper-Crystal-iPhone/dp/B003VLY4H0

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Curtis-Quick/553976158 Curtis Quick

    I found a happy medium for my Windows Titan phone. It’s called a crystal skin sleeve and it acts like a clear bumper with a back on it. The back is needed as the Titan has tapered edges and is too thin to hold a bumper without a back on it. The clear sleeve does not cover the front of the phone at all which is good because the screen goes edge-to-edge. The sleeve is almost invisible and only adds 1 mm to the thickness of the phone. It still slides into my pants pocket easily and does not distract from the beauty of the phone’s design. But the best part is the sleeve costs only $5.

  • http://www.jason-preston.com Jason Preston

    Why I carry a naked iPhone

    Much like other important questions (boxers or briefs? skim milk or whole?), whether or not to cover your iPhone with a case is a divisive topic. If my wife is to be trusted in the great game of shirts vs. skins, anyone who walks around without a case on their iPhone (me) is nuts, and asking for trouble. 

    The reason I carry a naked iPhone is simple: I prefer it.

    I prefer the weight of the iPhone in my hand without any extra cases or bumpers. I prefer the shape as well…

    The rest here: http://bit.ly/LNBlaT

    • http://www.intrinsicstrategy.com/ FrankCatalano

      You argue well and eloquently, sir. I may disagree for my own situation. But you make a good case. I hope the author of this article similarly agrees to disagree. :)

      • http://www.jason-preston.com Jason Preston

        Thank you Frank. So far, so good on the home front ;)

  • Orin

    I became eligible for an upgrade this month, replacing my iPhone 3G with… a 3GS. Yes. It only cost 99 cents, and I was able to get 90 bucks for the old one (only $9 less than I paid for it two years ago).

    The travails of a friend who went through four iPhone 4’s before finally getting one that worked gave me pause. And I couldn’t afford a 4S. The 3GS supports the latest version of iOS without turning into a useless brick, and I’m told its antenna works better since the edge of the phone is NOT metal.

    But best of all, the Incase I got for the 3G slipped right on the 3GS. The 3G got dropped on concrete floors three times, with no damage. I can’t afford a full-price replacement, so going with the case is my only option…

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=721931594 Curt Milton

    I have a bumper on mine but that’s all. I love how it feels without the bumper, all glass and high tech. But it also feels too slippery. The bumper makes it grippier but without the bulk. So far, no boo boos!

    • http://www.jason-preston.com Jason Preston

      As far as cases go, the bumper is the best option IMHO. 

  • IShrink

    Monica, you are far more beautiful than an iPhone and I dare say, your face is far more fragile than the iPhone’s — what with radiation damage and all BUT please don’t cover up with a face veil or, a mask or, a burqa (shudder the thought).
    Beauty is there to be admired and looked at. Protect it with makeup, sunscreen, and moisturiser.
    Women wear bras but the bare skin feels much better to touch and hold!!!

    • James Smith

      ….Good argument until the last sentence. That’s a bit creepy and too much.

  • Galaxys2i9100abhinandan

    That’s why I use android :-P

    • Patty333

      You performed drop-testing on iPhones and Android phones and determined that one was superior in this regard?

      Or are you just latching on to one article pointing to an alleged weakness of the iPhone, assuming that it exists, and that no other phones share this weakness?

    • Sup

      iphone 5 consistently does better in drop tests against galaxy s3 and droid razor

  • ashu1

    Haha! I like this lady. She writes common sense stuff!

  • http://twitter.com/gvpathi Venkat

    I kept my phone locked in pocket and slept… Locked phone need a factory reset!…  I am feeling great about security at the same time feeling bad about getting back to squire one.   It is painful when phone is there and working without any use.! :(

  • http://www.pnwlocalnews.com Seth Long

    Mónica – I have a thin sheet that looks like carbon fiber on the back of mine but no case and nothing on the front screen. I’d justify it but doing so would, of course, set me up to drop the phone shortly after hitting the Post button.

  • Gtrichey

    Unless the case in question adds some sort of function it just adds unnecessary bulk and usually worse aesthetics. This is why my iPhone was always naked until I found the particular case it’s in now. The case is designed and shipped with mounting discs that will adhere to virtually any surface… in my mind this extra function makes up for the fact that my phone is now bulkier and uglier (though not significantly or it’d still be naked).

  • Shannon Anderson

    my creamy virginal white iphone is naked under it’s “Hipmunk” sticker

  • http://www.facebook.com/flavio.kaplan Flavio Kaplan

    Still sad for the HP shutting down the Veer (tiny Palm Pre).
    3 reasons why I love my little budy:
    1) full fledged smartphone with webOS in a form factor smaller than the old RAZR;
    2) it’s so small that it fits in my pants’ coin pocketses :P so no case needed, not a single scratch in its gorilla glass after 1 year 100% naked (not even screen protector); 
    3) it has a Palm profile that restores everything from the cloud should you ever lose or destroy your phone for free.
    By the way, this phone has been dropped 3 times… washing the car once, by my son playing with the lightsaber app twice (the app has been removed) and all it has to show for it is a small dent in a corner that adds some mystery to it, like the scars in spy movies’ spies. No iPhone I know has endured that so well.
    For once, someone leap-frogged Apple, but no matter, can’t beat a God…

  • Rayburt456

    Wow.  I’ve dropped my 5 year old Blackberry several dozen times (and from heights) and it never stopped working.  Iphones apparently are so temperamental..guess why they cost so much.

  • http://rickysalsberry.com Ricky Salsberry

    Naked phone for the past 9 years, iPhone the past 4. Have never broken a phone. 

    Maybe just take better care of stuff?

    • http://www.berggreens.dk/ BerggreenDK

      True, people have a choice. Either accept that is a toy/thing/gadget and it can be repaired/fixed/replaced – and then start to take care of NOT dropping it by accident. If you have kids, leave it up, out of reach of small hands. 

      If the R&D at Apple had thought it would look cool with a protective casing, they would have put it inside one. 

      I also unwrap my computers of boxes and plasticswrap attached to keep the surface shiney. I like to feel the actual product instead of some phoney plastic yuck surface on the display.

      So if you cant keep your phone safe, I think you need to practice. Its just like driving a bicycle it takes time to get ride of those helper-wheels.

      Btw. I own a Samsung Galaxy S2, its more plastic and even more breakable (and therefore also lighter in the bare casing than the iPhone) but there is NOT way I am going to put this one inside a casing either. 

      I’ve had a Windows Phone for 6 years. The thing that died first was the battery which I had to replace 3 times. Ups… you cant replace the battery in an Apple iOS device… so what good is it if it doesnt have a scratch on its surface if the battery is dead? 

      Start living your life and let loose all those panic attacks… every day you survive, enjoy it. Because tomorrow, you cannot change it.

      LIVE god damn it!

      • http://www.facebook.com/AntiMeds Daniel McAnally

        I now own a galaxy s 3 and have that exciting new feeling I had with my galaxy s. I never have cared for cases but I did get a fright when I dropped my galaxy s twice onto the road. The most that happened was the plastic got scratched and successfully absorbed the impact. Thanks to Samsung genius idea to push the screen in from the frame, even landing face down, there was no scratches on the screen. I almost can’t wait to drop my s3 just to see how it fairs.

  • kohlmannett

    The people who don’t use cases cleary don’t have small children.

  • KJ

    It’s just a phone.  Back it up – for free.  I spend enough just owning it every month without having to give it a clothing allowance too.

  • Berker

    I go naked. Like I do every Thursday night at my house.

  • Steve

    Dudes, they invented duct tape for reasons like dropped and cracked phones.

  • Ty Here

    Phone covers are like the following ugly/stupid ideas:
    1.  Plastic on the furniture… sure, it’ll stay pretty but in the meantime, it’s plain ugly and the plastic hampers what should be a beautifully functioning item.
    2.  Car Bras… Okay, I’m not even going to comment on that one…  Well, I will anyway… “Hey everybody!  Look at my car.  It’s got an ugly thing on it’s nose so it won’t get ugly rock dings.  That way when I go to sell it, it will have a perfect nose… wait a minute, the paint’s all faded wrong… darn it!
    3.  Twinky yellow cake… what a dumb way to protect the yummy filling… okay, that one doesn’t fit but it is nearly as dumb.

    iPhone lemmings love how slim and sleek their phones are and brag constantly about how thin and well made they are… and then hide them in hideous cases that double their thickness.  Now, what was that major selling point again?  Ugh…

  • android fanboy

    Note to Apple: make a phone that looks nice, AND resilient….Or include a case w/ the phone.  But what do I know…

    • Pat Macintosh

      You don’t know anything. You didn’t make a case.

  • Doucheyee

    This is about the most pointless article I have ever read.

  • Infek7ious

    I have a nice, and sleek, iPhone case over mine. And let me tell you, I love it! It hardly increases the size, and it sports one of my favorite movies “The Nightmare Before Christmas”. I can now be a fanboy, and still have my iPhone protected. I honestly love cases, not for the protection, but because you can have so many cool designs to show off! If you seriously want a cool looking iPhone, with little size increase, and a sexy look; check these guys out – http://www.facebook.com/GelaSkins

  • http://www.gamepimpin.com/ Pimp


  • http://www.rosedigitalmarketing.com/ Christopher Rose

     If you LOVE a phone you are irredeemably sad.

    Until gadgets get at least as good as they are in [insert fav sci-fi program or movie here], they aren’t actually going to be all that and will be obsolete junk within year or two anyway!

  • gradyphilpott

    You’re perfectly correct and it’s true for every phone on the market.  All cellphones, especially smartphones, are expensive and worthy of a few dollars for the protection they provide. 

    I use an Otterbox on my (gasp) Blackberry and it’s saved my phone enough times to more than pay for the case and it gives me more to hold on to when I’m using the phone. 

    Everything is too damn slim, sleek and shiny these days!  A cellphone is a tool.  It should look like a tool and an Otterbox fulfills that purpose very well, too.

    Now, as far as the rest of the world, who cares? 

    I was talking to a woman at a cocktail party this weekend who was showing off her new fancy phone, which I agreed looked mighty fine, but when I suggested that she put an Otterbox on it, I thought she was going to regurgitate her gazpacho and she got so mad she turned around and walked off. 

  • Jasmine

    My iPhone slid off the roof of my car onto the sidewalk (oops) with no case and got no damage. I dropped it onto cement from about cheat height and again, no case, no damage. Have had it thrown in my purse with keys and loose change and no scratches or anything. Starting to wonder if this infamous and dreaded fragility of the iPhone is a myth. Or maybe I’ve just been lucky (knock on wood!)

  • Steve

    I have had the original 2g iPhone since right after it released with no case ever. Still works, a bit slow, but has been dropped, submerged and yes thrown. Still works and besides the back having some wear on the casing looks great. Not a single scratch on the glass, even though I carry it with my keys in my pocket…But then again I have never left it on my car…it’s to important to me to be complaisant,.

  • Jon Hoffman

    Dear Monica,
    you give your self an impossible task. Most people buy iPhones to show them off. They’d rather show off a broken iPhone with tape on it, than owning a more functional and less fragile phone.

    You’ll never succeed in convincing these people that there is anything wrong with their iPhones. They’ll keep thinking they have the best phone in the world, no matter how much it lags behind all the alternatives, ex. iPhone owners think thay have gorilla glass, but they don’t. They buy an illusion, and they stay in it no matter what happens to their hardware.

    A phone that is not functional, is not beautiful. It is bad design!

    It’s really that simple.


  • Bill

    I love the look of a naked iPhone but I use a case so that when the latest and greatest iPhone comes out I can get for free because my encased iPhone will fetch full resale value!!

  • Mike

    You people are ignorant. I agree with iPhones having a very nice appeal to them, however it will crack, especially if you are constantly using it. If you use it just to check an email, call someone, text, browse the we once and a while, One of these days it will fall out of your pocket.

  • PointlessRead

    To answer your question, Monica: Yes, I do think you are crazy. And it isn’t because you think an iPhone should be covered. It’s because you somehow managed to take only one reason that an iPhone should be in a case–because accidents happen–and found a way to turn it into 5 separate reasons and a two-page article that doesn’t actually change anybody’s perspective. Instead, it takes a difference in personal opinion about risk and uses that difference to polarize and divide people on two sides of an issue that isn’t even worth arguing about!

  • H. Burns

    Is this a joke? This article is completely pointless.


    I dropped my “naked” iPhone in a bathtub full of water(it slipped out of my shirt pocket) while giving kids a bath. I grabbed it out immediately, turned it off, and dried it off. The next day I turned it on and it’s been working fine.

  • Melon

    Who wants a phone that looks like everyone else’s. Having a case not only protects but allows you to. Customize your FANCY Apple phone. Adding a case does not change the fact that it’s an iPhone and that people can STILL TELL THAT FROM SEEING YOU USE IT.

  • andrew

    i take care of my phones. havent taken one out of commission EVER! sure there are some drops but none have so much as scratched my iphone/ previous android. if i do break it i have a protection plan to replace it for a brand new one @ $50. chances are i will have my upgrade before that happens. then i have my iphone 4 as a backup to whatever new phone i choose (s3 or iphone5!)

  • Ryan

    1. I’m pretty sure that glass is much stronger than the previous plastic cases they used on older generations and can stand up to a lot if you’re not driving around with it on your car roof.
    2. I’ve had 3 different smart phones and dozens of previous non-smart phones. Never damaged any of them. I think 12 years of careful phone handling makes it perfectly “sane” to not “need” a case.
    3. Many people buy things because they like the way they look and to be able to look at them… you don’t buy a Ferrari and drive around with a car cover on it.
    4. Bulk is a pain in the ass! It just adds weight and makes it bulkier in your pocket.
    5. You have some serious social and dependent issues if it’s an “emergency” to get your phone fixed if it breaks. You can’t wait till your home or at work to check your email? There was a time, only a little over a decade ago, when no one had cell phones to be connected 24/7 and somehow they made it day to day and still reached and talked to people. Maybe you should evaluate your priorities and dependencies in life and write an article about your life not being consumed by a phone.

  • Erick

    How did you break an IPhone when some people can’t even scratch it when trying? Search for “iPhone galaxy knife” on YouTube.

  • Zemog

    “OMG (girly scream)! The iphone is an incredible 9.3mm thin! Cant wait to buy a case for it.” C’mon! No cases. Just be careful and enjoy the aesthetic beauty of the phone.

  • http://www.facebook.com/doctorgreenthumbdc Aloysius Greenthumb

    You broke your iPhone. That seems like the one and only reason you posted this. Where’s the other 4 reasons? Apple users are hilarious. The responses on here are precious. Using an iPhone with a case is like driving a Ferrari with a tarp on it? Uhhh…yeah, it’s just like that. Did you seriously just compare an iPhone to a finely tuned Italian automotive masterpiece? Are you a clutz? Do you often leave coffee/purse/babies on the roof of your car and drive away? If yes, consider a case. If not, it’s up to you. The article is pointless but the responses of the sheep are priceless.

  • Patty333

    “It’s. Made. Of. Glass.”

    Yes. It. Is. (Do ideas sound more convincing as one-word sentences?) It’s the same kind of glass used by Japanese bullet trains. Are the Japanese nuts for not buying cases for the Shinkansen?

    I’m trying to understand your logic here. If the Shinkansen can take a piece of gravel to the face at 300 kph, I don’t see why my phone needs more protection. I’ve dropped it on the ground many times (my iPhone, not the Shinkansen), and never had a problem. (I would probably buy a case if I thought there was a good chance of it hitting the ground at greater than 300 kph.)

    “If you have an iPhone and you love your iPhone you’re going to have a bad day when the naked little guy falls and breaks”

    That may be true, but how do I know which case provides shock protection? Some clearly provide none at all, and others probably provide some. There’s no rating system, either self-reported or standardized, nor is there any way for a person to know if a case provides any protection at all, or exists simply for aesthetics. Buying a case to protect from “falls and breaks”, without knowing if it actually provides any protection, is nothing more than cargo-cult science.

    This is the iPhone equivalent of Vinnie showing up at the new bagel shop and saying “Nice bagel shop, sure would be a shame if anything happened here”. Am I paying money because there’s actual protection from an actual problem, or because you’re just generally scared of something happening?

    Show me even one scientific test demonstrating that a particular case offers impact protection.

    • k9gardner

      I don’t know why anyone would make a passionate assertion that cases don’t work. That’s just silly! There’s lots of empirical evidence that they do work. Pointing to that one person – who possibly isn’t telling the whole story – for whom a case didn’t work, is like pointing to the person who survived a car accident because she ~didn’t~ wear a safety belt. Yes, you may find such an instance. But is it the mainstream? Hardly. Case makers do a good business. Good for them. I am as conscientious as I can be with my phone, but still, I’m doing multiple things at once, juggling iPhone, coffee, umbrella, whatever; putting it down on the edge of the table without realizing it, etc. it’s going to fall. It has fallen. It’s survived because of my personally well-researched and well-chosen case. It’s not rocket science, and doesn’t have to be.

  • Altruistic

    Having a case on any device doesn’t necessarily guarantee its protection. I am personally more careful with my phone without a case than I am with one. It is interesting to think back now to all the times that I make a conscious effort when handling my case-less phone. I am just different than you and that is okay…besides, it is my property not yours.

    Anyway, accidents are definitely going to happen with or without a case and providing your one-side, critical, judgmental, derogatory, and smug perspective of others who have a perspective that differs from yours is not received as well as an article that would have provided supporting reasons for folks to *consider* using a case. You are not going to “help” people by making them feel defensive about their position…it is actually counter-productive to your intentions, desires, and goals, not to mention your credibility.
    In addition, I am now going to read future articles of yours with a bit of hesitation because while you may have wonderful content, I am now not sure if you just want me to be more like you or you are altruistically sharing information that you think might be beneficial to me.
    I would rather have the latter, but that is up to you.

  • LaShawn

    I have the iPhone 4S and I have 5 different cases for it. I have the otter box on it now. Yes the iPhone is a very attractive looking phone however, u do need a case for it because things do happen so it’s best to be prepared and put a case on it! I think that’s all she was trying to say! I love this article! I found it funny!

  • Genevieve

    I dont know what everyone is talking about, I love my case. yes it is an eyesore, it is bulky, but:
    1. I am extremely clumsy and hard on everything…without a case this bad boy would have been broke after the first couple of days.
    2. I tend to lose everything, and while the iphone 4s isnt exactly teeny tiny, bulking it up a little more helps me find it in my GIGANTIC purse…I swear those are bottomless pits!
    3. I have the ballistic case for mine, it is completely encased, and all the different ports are covered and have to be manually removed for charging, earphones, etc… But it comes in handy for people like me that love to take my phone into the bathroom while showering. The ports and whole phone is covered so I don’t get water damage on the inside.
    4. When I go to resell this bad boy to someone on craigslist/ebay, they are going to look at it and see there isn’t a scratch or dent on it, which will give me a few more dollars in my pocket. Maybe not a ton more, but anything helps in the cruddy economy. I know that personally I would buy a used product from someone that had protected it with a case, over someone who “Let the natural beauty” of the Iphone be seen by the world!
    5. Last but not least, while I LOVE all apple products– especially the Iphone–they come out with new ones too frequently to not take care of your product. By putting a case on it you will get more $ when you want to resell it (as stated in #4). That extra $$ can go to buying the latest and greatest Iphone! If a new one came out every 3 years or so I would probably care less.

    That is my 2 cents…so haters hate…I couldn’t care less! :)
    The person with the MINT Iphone 4s a year later!

    P.S. I did like the comment on covering the ferrari….Clever… BUT…do people not go to great lengths to protect those as well? They put on specialty paints that cover the body of it, it is still a product that encases the body of the car! Most people also use these products less frequently as they are not PRACTICAL!–unless you are a douche in L.A. trying to get attention that you were deprived of when you were little…. jus’ sayin’…..

  • NinjaNate

    Ive had the iPhone 4 for over 2 years now. I work in construction and never used a case for it. Ive used my phone in the rain with muddy fingers, its been thrown around my car and even fell out of my pocket on a roller coaster (luckily it landed on a grass patch). The front of my phone is completely scratch free, and there is 1 scratch on the back. These iPhones are more durable then you think. Same with all the ipods and Macbooks I own. None of them use cases and they all function perfectly. I now have an iPhone 5 and Tried the otterbox on it. Returned it after a day, it just adds so much bulk and makes the phone look so ugly. Caseless is the way to go!

  • Alyse

    Oh man. I don’t have a case for my phone but after reading the comments seems like a lot of people don’t. I would never pick up an otterbox. They are just way too expensive and bulky. I’d go with something so it doesn’t ruin the overall feel of my phone. Maybe a poetic atmosphere.

  • http://twitter.com/YoKayDesigns Katie Akins

    I just recently switched from a droid to an iPhone. I’m so excited to have my new phone, but there’s clearly downfalls! I can not afford to claim a $179 insurance fee if I break my phone!!! I also have a two year old. So chances are my phone my break! I love how many options I have to protect my phone. The iPhone is beautiful but I think as a young adult these phones are most def a fashion statement. Everyone I know gets this phone just to personalize it! So it’s not just protection it’s fashion in technology form. I completely agree that you should protect your phone and I know that everyone of you who commented on this article being a complete douchebag to the writer for her opinion will fully feel like a jackass when they break their phone. I hope all of you have plenty of money to claim insurance, buy a new one (if you also don’t believe in phone insurance as a protection), or pay for repairs. I love not wasting money just as much as I love my iPhone!

  • Kmila711

    My iPhone 4 fell yesterday and the back cracked completely. However, it DID have a case on so I have no idea how this could happen.

  • NoCaseMan

    Hell no my devices never use cases. It makes them fat and ugly. I bought my ipad because it is beautiful and light. Im not going to ruin that with an ugly a$$ case. If I breaks i will buy a new one. No huge deal. Ive never broken an ios device and ive had them for 2.5 years. I also want the ipad to fit into its stand and dock.

  • gadgetguru

    local repair shops can change broken screens for $60 in 30min.. personally that wouldn’t break the bank for me

  • Pat Macintosh

    I can see your points but fail to make a valid argument. I’m sorry but as a logical being I cannot accept it as one. The reason being as one states in the comments above, you simple make one point and restate the same one, hence there is no five reasons.

    We all have different needs, desires and traits. We are all different, yet the same. You have yours and I have mine. All valid reasons as to why we do what we do.

    As a comment here was posted, they had their phone in a case and the back glass still broke when dropped. Well that invalidates your argument that cases are always better. As long as your phone is in existence, it has potential energy. Therefore, the safest place for your phone is a place with either the lowest potential energy or one that does not exist. So, let’s examine this potential energy a little further.

    This potential energy of has the potential to happen, will it occur? Not necessarily as it only has the potential. So, each person needs to be mindful of the factors in which this energy is released given the influences of these factors on the user.

    Secondly, this potential energy when released (being dropped in our case) turns to kinetic energy. The energies being transfered into different states throughout this process has different factors as well. So when the phone hits the ground, more energy is transfered to different states. When the phone hits the ground waves pass through the materials of the phone causing damage. The right factors may lead to your phone still breaking in a case. Why? Well glass is a liquid and as your phone hits the ground creates an (almost) equal amount of reaction sending waves of energy (the potential energy it was initialized with) back through the materials and all materials will transfer this. It’s how the materials try to transfer these energies or “absorb” away from the object you are trying to protect. Though as these energies are transfer these waves can still be transfered from the object in protection and if that wave has the right amplitude may cause a fracture due to stress (force per area).

    I’m sorry, your logic is flawed right here. There are so many factors that things may and can minimize. Cases are made considering only so many factors and cannot learn knew ones. The cool thing about humans is that we can learn these factors and incur these probabilities better than these so called protectors as we are not in a constant state. Though even then these cases are not in a constant state as they incur wear and tear like any normal physical object.

    Yes, each one is not prefect. The cool thing is one can learn (deduce: factors, probabilities, situations, etc.) and the other get to one state and then degrade.

    I have learned so much over the many years of things not to do to break my phone like don’t keep your phone in X clothes with Y materials (ones that reduce friction) or be mindful when about to sit down, go to the bathroom or take of X clothing. I have also learned that I need to keep my phone in one pocket on one side at all times (I pick my left front pocket) so I know where it is at, at all times. If it is not there, then be mindful where I place it. Is there liquids around? Is the surface rough to scratches? Does the surface has low friction? If so, is it level? Who am I around? Do I trust this person to borrow my phone? Do I let them understand the value of my phone in dollars and my own? Am I mindful of their surroundings? Am I mindful of my surroundings?

    There are so many more things that I could type to tell you how much I have learned over the years to help protect my devices. Guess what? They are NOT just toys to me. They are MINE. They enable me to create, share and enjoy the content I want. They are my TOOL to enable me to create, share, enjoy and educate. This value is worth more than what Apple charges me to have this product so when you say an expensive replacement when it breaks, I laugh. $200 to fix? Okay ya, that’s a bit of money but it means so much to me as it enables me. I guess I just have to work harder to get mine.

    I have owned 5 phones over the years. One a Nokia, I hated it. It didn’t do much for me besides allow my parents not to give me an excuse to check in with them and basically couldn’t be destroyed. It was a leash. The next phone I enjoyed because it enabled more communication beyond my parents with a keyboard and texting. It was awesome. I sadly broke the device when I played a practical joke. I learned my lesson.

    By this time, I was 18 when the iPhone first launched. I told my mom I was buying one, she said it was a bad idea because I just broke my old phone. I told her no, this is MINE. This will change everything forever. She laughed and said okay, we went to the store and I paid $549 plus tax, making it $564.34. I have had ONE replacement to the 3 different models of iPhones I have had for the last 5 years. The reason? Well, the seal broke on my iPhone 3GS and dust got under the screen (covered by Apple Care). That bothered me as it is my device and the screen is the most important feature on a touch device. Other than that I have not broke ANY of my iPhones (*knocks on wood*). I do my best to take care of it as it enables me and I want to enjoy the fruit of my hard work.

    I have had an iPhone (1st gen), iPhone 3GS and an iPhone 4S. I only upgrade every two years because that’s the cycle for big improvements of the devices. I really really care about this devices as it enables me to do so much.

    Now that I’ve got the logic and the understanding out of the way, let me explain why I love to keep my iPhone naked. It’s because it is MINE. It is because it is a sleek device that is made for your hand. The width of the device fits so nicely. The materials Apple has used has made the device feel amazing (besides the 3GS after a couple months, I HATE plastic). This device was made to be held.

    You claim when the day comes that I cannot live without checking my email when I do break my phone? Well, aren’t you the one? You are the one who hides it. You are the one who tries to protect it. You are the one who hasn’t truly experienced it.

    I experience. You deny. I accept fate. You hide from it. We are all humans and we all have flaws, at least I can make a mistake and be okay with it. I’ll own up to it but I’m the only one who can truly experience the beauty of the tool I hold in my hand and really truly appreciate the power I hold in my hand.

    Do you?

    As a side not, I HATE plastic. I hate all forms of it and think it’s the worst material ever to come into existence.

  • Apparently Careful

    Insurance is just another form of gambling. If you “expect” something to happen you will make it happen. Personally I take extremely good care of my devices from what you’ve ranted on about. But I suppose it’s designed to go in a purse or a pocket with keys isn’t it?

    Why would you take something beautiful and layer it with crap? (be that phone cases, makeup etc.) How often do you put rubber on your car before going driving around in the city? You don’t? Oh right – you BE CAREFUL?!

  • Kylie

    I have had my iphone for a little over a year now. I used a bumper at first, but couldn’t stab covering it. Yes, I am one of those nerds who loves to indulge in the aesthetic experience of the naked iphone. The thing is, mine is still in shiny perfect condition even after 12 months of no case and no screen protector. I don’t know if I am just incredibly lucky or what, but I have dropped it a few times. No more than I can CPU t on one hand, but one time stands out in particular: I dropped it face down on the ground under my car. And nothing! Not a scratch. People don’t give these things enough credit, they are pretty durable. I mean, if you chuck it and it lands at a weird angle, then yes, it will shatter. But really- it’s not worth a case unless you are of the clumsiest of the population.

  • booo

    I have never liked iPhone cases, they hide too much! The bumpers…. suck… I am used to phones sliding into my pocket with ease, instead I found myself losing to friction which more often than not resulted in my iPhone on the floor. It doesn’t take much practice to keep sharp objects in one pocket i.e. keys, and wallet and phone in the other. This really helps to minimise scratches, my iPhone is 3 years old and still looks like new. Looking after things is not hard, and it is definitely worth the little bit of effort it takes to appreciate the feel and look of the phone, plus its second hand monetary value is pretty nice too!

  • Mr. SadPants

    I can’t even afford an iPhone :(

  • http://twitter.com/Ga5hh Gareth Hughes

    I used to have a cover on my iPhone 5. Until this cover left bubble marks on the back of my glass. I may have a OCD on it. But you wouldn’t buy a brand new Aston Martin car and put a “uncool” rubber gel cover over it would u? Haha

  • Asia

    it’s ridiculous to think people should have to buy a case. why isn’t apple making their phone more durable? Apple’s already a monopoly with everyone flocking for iPhones, allowing them to make touchy phones which makes people blow all their money on protection.

  • Jaaa

    Why does it matter?? You didn’t pay for their iphone so why do you care?

  • Connor

    Never had a case on my phone, never dropped it. Just don’t be clumsy. I love the feel of it with no case. Even if I were to drop it once in a while, its worth it. Just to me. I hate the bulky-ness of a case. Just take care and don’t drop it

  • temotemo

    You aren’t crazy but I don’t use cases for any of my devices.

  • Andrew F

    Droid one, looking back at it, it may have been revolutionary, now, it’s crap. However a fried of mine still had one, fully working, since you can get them for about $10 on eBay we decided to mess around with it. We threw it against a wall as hard as we could played “kick the smartphone” with it and poured chocolate milk on it. After a bit of clean up it worked completely fine, and yes, it was naked. They don’t make phones like they used to.

  • getoveryourselfandgetacase

    I guess I just do not understand the argument “it’s too beautiful to put a case on”. I bought the iPhone because of what it does, not what it looks like. I think it’s materialistic to not put a case on the phone because it’s too ‘pretty’. I have a huge otter box on my phone. I dislike how big it is and I dislike the color, but my phone is going to last 10x longer than the phones without covers and I’m going to save my time and money compared to the people who only worry about the aesthetics. I’d rather be doing something fun and not worrying about keeping my phone safe because it is in an otter box rather than wasting my time and money on apple care and getting it replaced. Power to the cases even though they’re ugly. They serve their purpose pretty damn well.

  • DontEven

    Umm same reason I don’t walk around with an armour.
    Quality > Quantity, where Quantity = time, and quality is your experience with the phone.

  • Frank Arnold

    Well love the fact you all dropped your phones and they are all OK. I had my S-2 in a Hardcover Body Glove cover. Have had my phone for like a year now. Never dropped it. Today at the bus stop some guy not even waiting for a bus walked by bumped my elbow of the hand holding my phone. The phone went flying hit the ground the case popped open, the phone bounced out of the case hit the pavement and chipped the side of the glass. Now my phone screen is all lines and wired stuff. I have Insurance but have to pay $150.00 deductible to get a new (REFURBISHED)phone.

    If it is a defect that caused the case to pop open when it hit the ground. It is covered under Body Glove warranty for 1 year of purchase. BUT GUESS WHAT I bought it 1 year and like 2 months ago. So I had a cover on my phone but my phone is BROKE and I’m out $150.00.

    So tell me what good was my cover?

    OH Yes and my phone is kept except for when I’m using it in a flip open Leather case that hooks to my Belt. If you use the clip comes with the Hard case then the Screen is exposed to whatever it may hit.

    Yes I take care of my phone! And now my phone is dead.

    Body Glove should stand behind their product. And replace my phone, or at least pay the $150.00 deductible.

    • k9gardner

      I think the key is getting the right case. A case that can pop open is just wrong, sorry. They shouldn’t have made it, you shouldn’t have bought it! And a nice looking leather case that keeps your phone safe, ~except~ when you’re using it, is just… well, lets just say it makes no sense. Might I suggest a nice pliable case, not a rigid one; something that offers some cushion and that can’t possibly come off by itself. I have a tech21 now, and previously have used speck. Both are great, depending on which one you get.

  • Bobby

    You use a lot of adjectives to describe it.. It’s just a phone, and not a very good one. I guess I’m not an “iPhone person”.. I have a 5s with a lifeproof case and iOS 7.1 (totaling around $730) and I cannot get over how annoying and functionless the phone is compared to other smart phones, and how others treat it as if it were forged by immortals out of the most precious of metals (it’s all about image rather than practicality I guess). When I threaten to take my phone out of its case and drop it on purpose, my girlfriend threatens to cry.. It’s hilarious. If the phone weren’t so cheaply made, it wouldn’t need a case. My last phone was a trooper, I miss it :(

  • I believe in naked phones

    My phone is always caseless and I’ve droped my phone a ridiculous amount of times and one of thoses times I was on athe third floor of a building and it slipped off my hands out a window and landed on concrete. When I came down to get it, not a single scratch was on the glass. I am the luckiest human on this earth!

  • Janey J

    Hi Monica,

    Maybe this is why Apple switched from glass to metal on the iPhone 6. Saying that though, I smashed my iPhone 5s and still got over $150 for it on http://www.sellmycellphones.com. It’s lucky that there are companies around who buy completely smashed phones.

  • Coppertop

    I guess I’m one luck girl then. I’ve had 3 iPhones. Only upgrading them when the newer models hit the store. I’ve never used caeses with mine because, they looked and felt awkward to me. I really like the look and feel, of the original raw hardware, in my hands. I’m also ridiculously careful and gentle, on all of my electronics. Maybe, almost to an OCD kind of manner. None of my phones have ever been damaged, in any way. But, most other people I know, really do need the extra protection. I’ve seen many of my friends and family, with all kinds of misshaped devices. They’re always wondering, how the heck mine stays so flawless, with me being on my phone so much, lol! I just remind them that, when I’m off the phone, it stays in a felt lined pocket in my handbag.

  • Jerna.payrovi

    But then u would have to pay a whole bunch of money to get it fixed

  • Hanna

    Jesus, you sure do have a strong passion for iPhones..

  • Irie Man

    I dont agree with writer because when i was looking at my new S5 i liked it because of the touch and feel of the beautiful smooth glass, the leathery texture on the back, the chrome bezel surrounding the entier edge of the phone. Well what sense does it make if you cover it up all the time..then keep the phone for 2 years bearly ever really enjoying the phone for what its worth…then after that two years you change to another…and do the same thing….oh and not to mention that we normally get insurance for our phones anyway…so whats the insurance for.? Im enjoying my phone..keep holding on to your plastics…might as well get a cheap plastic phone then. Just saying.

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