For the past couple weeks we’ve been tracking a creative explosion of Post-it art in downtown Seattle, as companies one-up each other with displays of classic and contemporary game characters in their office windows.

But this takes it to a whole new level — literally.

Check out these pictures of an epic Super Mario Bros. Post-it installation created by the Filter digital solutions agency this week in the windows of their sixth-floor offices on Pike Street between 4th and 5th avenues in downtown Seattle. Pretty incredible, huh?

Get this: It’s also animated — in super slow-motion, you might say — as the agency makes periodic changes to move Mario through the level.

And then there’s the kicker, a hidden level — a.k.a. “coin cave “– that Level 3 Communications, the fifth-floor tenant, gave Filter access to create today.

The installation has gotten the attention of Post-it art fans around the world this week and of the Seattle-area broadcast media.

(In full disclosure, we should note that Filter is one of GeekWire’s sponsors.)

Click to see the new "coin cave" on the fifth floor.

Kim Obbink, the agency’s executive creative director and VP for digital services, says Filter was inspired by all the activity documented by GeekWire over on Pine Street, and decided that if they were going to play, they were going to play to win.

“We used over 6,400 3M standard issue colored Post It Notes,” Obbink explains. “We took this installation seriously, so planning was half the battle. We’re digital creatives, so an analog project of this scale was a huge challenge… not to mention it required a lot of MATH. We used almost exactly what we planned.”

The original installation took more than a week to plan, and five hours to put up. So how long will it stay up, and isn’t it kind of a bummer to have the agency’s windows blocked out by Post-its?

“They’ll stay up until Mario reaches the castle,” says Obbink. “Like we said, we’re playing to WIN. And no, it’s not a bummer to not see out the windows – it is almost more beautiful from the inside as it is from outside. Our windows are glowing – it’s a veritable cathedral of Post-it notes in the Filter office right now.”

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  • daryn

    wow, this is truly impressive…

  • Max Reinhart

    This is freaking amazing! My co-workers all came over and gathered around the screen as we went through the images!I actually had no idea Post-its came in so many colors……

  • Monica Guzman

    This is FANTASTIC. They’re not done, right? Can’t wait to see where it goes next…

  • Clint

    Nice. Productivity must have taken a hit last week!

  • Yayadiva

    Ell.Oh.Vee. Eee. Love it but, please tell me that paper is post-consumer recycled…

  • John Haley

    This is so very cool.  Go FILTER!

  • Workmarkm

    great, so that’s what the guys and gals in IT were doing last week… 

  • Jbrincko

    this is great…I am so proud to have such creative family!

  • Brett Kokinadis

    Nice job.

  • Brett Kokinadis

    Nice job.

  • Alex

    Guys if you wanna see real post it art, check the assassin’s creed one done by Ubisoft :)

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