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The families of Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin have been using their Google+ and Facebook accounts to build buzz for Bumble Los Altos, a beautiful new “play cafe” that’s both kid and adult friendly.

After enjoying an organic ‘Bee Bites’ meal, youngsters can retire to the teacher-staffed Bumble Playroom, a magical place that Brin himself was seen showing off.

A big part of the magic is Night Bright, an Xbox Kinect-powered museum-worthy interactive installation created for Bumble which lets kids use their bodies to illuminate an enchanted nighttime forest and even gambol with the magical critters that inhabit it.

So, will Larry and Sergey be sports and let their tykes eat Microsoft dogfood, or spoilsports like Bill Gates, who famously prohibits his children from eating Apple’s forbidden fruit?

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  • Guest

    Uh… Google doesn’t make game consoles, while Microsoft makes portable media players that the iPod directly competes with…   Oh, wait.

    • Host

      Kinect has some amazing technology built into it. What does iPod have? Oh, wait..nothing to marvel at.

      • Spurtipreetham G

        Wait wait that stupid iPod is iPhone – phone :/

  • Michael Mackend

    Microsoft didn’t actually invent the Kinect.  They simply re-packaged it.  The inventor was an Israeli company called “PrimeSense”.  Give Microsoft it’s due respect for championing a potentially revolutionary technology.  It’s a great service to computing in general and, for once, an appropriate use of their influence.  But calling the technology “theirs” is a bold-face, criminal lie.

    • Anonymous

      As I heard, the company that officially developed the “Kinect” technology originally offered it to Nintendo and they turned it down!
      Then they went to Microsoft, who embraced it!


    • Duh

      Microsoft owns it, therefore it is theirs… How hard is that to understand?

  • BarryG

    If Larry and Sergey are smart, they’ll leave their kids alone enough to allow them to grow up to be themselves and not someone else’s construct. Just IMHO. I met Steve Jobs’s kid, whatever else he was, I think he was a good father.

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