Does your company provide training dollars on for professional development? Do you think your whole team would benefit from your GeekWire Summit experience? Use this template to request your company to sponsor you to attend the 2018 GeekWire Summit taking place October 1 – 3, in downtown Seattle. We hope you can join us!

[Preferred Greeting_____,]

I wanted to share this upcoming event with you. GeekWire is hosting the GeekWire Summit from October 1st-3rd. The event page can be found here. I see that leaders from Uber, Facebook, Boeing, Google, eBay, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and countless more are speaking about the future of the innovation economy.

This event would be beneficial to our team’s professional development and I want to express my personal interest in attending. This looks like the perfect opportunity for our company to to spend any unused training dollars. I know that lots of companies leave training dollars on the table at year end. This could be because employees do not seek out their own professional development and they wait for HR or managers to find those opportunities for them. I’d love to attend this event if the company will sponsor me. I’d also be happy to share what I learn with my team or managers.

Thanks for considering!

[Preferred sign off]


Thanks to our partners at uniquelyHR for helping craft this template!