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SHIFT is a fast-paced sponsored video series that takes you inside some of the most influential cloud technology conferences across the globe. GeekWire has partnered with Intel to show you what's at the heart of the big data transformation that's changing the way we live, work, and play. Get a glimpse of the companies and innovators at the bleeding edge of the oncoming "shift" in our digital landscape.

Highlights from AWS re:Invent 2018

SHIFT AWS re:Invent 2018 – In it’s 7th year, AWS re:Invent has grown to be one of the biggest cloud conferences in the world and SHIFT is hitting the show floor at the Venetian Hotel Conference Center to learn about Intel’s latest developments in high performance computing, IoT, and artificial intelligence. Join SHIFT host Brian Westbrook as he races to un-box a surprise announcement from the show that builds off of Intel and AWS’s DeepLens machine learning camera technology. Check it out!

Highlights from The Computing Conference 2018 by Alibaba

SHIFT The Computing Conference 2018 by Alibaba – SHIFT is coming at you all the way from Hangzhou, China, hometown of Alibaba’s founder and chairman, Jack Ma.  We are checking out Alibaba Yunqi, one of China’s biggest cloud conferences!  In this episode, we explore Intel and Alibaba partnership in new cloud technologies that are powering immersive media experiences for the upcoming 2020 Olympics, reshaping smart manufacturing with IOT, and revolutionizing the way enterprises utilize IT resources through new Hybrid cloud solutions with the Apsara Stack Alliance.

Highlights from VMworld 2018

SHIFT VMworld: How can IT leaders leverage technology to better serve your customers and be more efficient as a company? Join us as we talk digital transformation at VMWorld 2018 in Las Vegas. We take a look at HyperConverged Infrastructure with VMware and Intel partnered Select Solutions, dive into a conversation about the latest in Intel® Optane™persistent memory, and talk to Intel and VMware executives about what the future holds for IT operations. Learn about IT Transformation, visit www.intel.com/BeReady

Highlights from Google Cloud Next

SHIFT Google Cloud Next: We are in San Francisco checking out Google Cloud Next!  In this episode of SHIFT, Silicon Valley is buzzing with cloud developers and Googlers talking about the latest from Google Cloud’s Platform.  Intel wins a big award and we hear insight from partner perspectives about the latest in infrastructure innovation, memory advancements, and AI applications.  Watch out for the Red AI Shark!

Highlights from Baidu Create

SHIFT Baidu Create: We traveled five thousand miles to bring you the future of AI from Beijing, China. The SHIFT team is at Baidu Create 2018. Baidu Brain, Apollo Open Platform, DuerOS, and more highlight our latest episode as we showcase the many advancements coming out of Baidu and Intel’s partnership in AI and machine learning development.

Highlights from Tencent Cloud + Future

SHIFT Tencent Cloud + Future: SHIFT is back and this time we are taking our show on the road to Guangzhou, China for the Tencent Cloud + Future conference. Known for gaming tech, Tencent has been on the forefront of enterprise cloud innovation and is quickly becoming a global player in the cloud services industry. In this episode, we check out the Intel and Tencent partnership, hear how Tencent is working to build 12 vertical clouds, and get the latest on Intel’s Movidius technology and how it is transforming the world of AI.

Highlights from IBM THINK

SHIFT IBM THINK:  What are the latest breakthroughs in performance, memory and storage? What’s new with one of the largest AI platforms in the world, Watson?  Cloud and AI are taking center stage in Las Vegas as the GeekWire team is back on the scene, exploring IBM Think 2018.  Attendees gather to see the latest ways to work smarter, modernize infrastructure, and improve enterprise data security.

Highlights from AWS re:Invent

SHIFT re:Invent: Artifical Intelligence: How can you use AI as a strategic advantage for your business? Society is being transformed on a spectacular scale. Machines that sense, reason, and act can accelerate solutions to large-scale problems and push science, finance, medicine, and education further, faster. AI is at the heart of much of today’s technical innovation. At AWS Re:invent, we explore AI applications for facial recognition, smart homes, and more and even get to take an inside-look at the new AWS DeepLens camera.

SHIFT re:Invent: High Performance Computing: Exploding data volume and increasingly complex workloads create an urgent need for breakthrough High Performance Computing (HPC). Why should you be thinking about scalable system frameworks to manage compute and data-heavy workloads? How can you turn today’s complex and diverse workloads into discovery and opportunity—and be ready for the next evolution in your technology infrastructure? We explore these questions and more at AWS re:Invent from Las Vegas.

SHIFT re:Invent: IOT: Connect, Build, Integrate – how is the Internet of Things (IoT) powering an autonomous future for you business and your home? IoT is a robust network of devices, all embedded with electronics, software, and sensors that enable them to exchange and analyze data. New announcements and exciting products are being announced at AWS Re:Invent from Las Vegas, join us to find out how IoT is transforming the way we live, paving the way for responsive solutions, innovative products, efficient manufacturing, and ultimately, amazing new ways to do business.

Highlights from SHIFT in NYC

SHIFT NYC: Business Transformation: Where are you on your data journey?  We are at Intel’s SHIFT 2017 event in New York City learning about business transformation. The cloud is enabling traditional companies to improve operational efficiency,  acquire real-time insights, and improve data security practices, but managing and wielding the massive influx of data is the primary charge for today’s technology leaders.  Keeping up with the ins and outs of these tools can be a lot to keep up so we are diving into the latest tools (Hybrid Cloud, Edge Computing, Blockchain, etc) companies are using along their growth trajectories.

SHIFT NYC: Artificial Intelligence: What’s your AI strategy and what is the best way to implement it? From AI to ML to the latest in DL – How can tech-focused business leaders wield AI in a meaningful way to fuel their businesses transformation into the next stage of growth?  At Intel’s SHIFT 2017 event in New York City, we pull insights from leaders in health, agriculture, finance, smart-construction, and more who are using AI to redefine what is possible for their employees and their customers.