Dear Seattle 2.0 Readers,

Welcome to GeekWire. We’d like to thank you for visiting, and let you know what we have in the works.

For anyone who missed the news in December, GeekWire is becoming the new home of Seattle 2.0. We’re committed to recreating the flagship elements of Seattle 2.0 — all the stuff you loved about the site — here on GeekWire in the months ahead.

We’ve already launched our GeekWire job board to help fill the gap created by the closure of the Seattle 2.0 job board. Stay tuned for news on additional Seattle 2.0 site elements as we continue the integration.

And in 2012, in addition to our own signature events and meetups, GeekWire will be proud to present two of the best tech events in town: the Seattle 2.0 Awards in the spring, and Startup Day in the fall.

In the meantime, we’d encourage you to check out our regular coverage of Seattle-area startups, plus advice columns from entrepreneurs in the trenches. We’re always looking for great guest posts, commentaries, advice columns and other content to share with the GeekWire community, and we’d love to hear from you. Feedback and suggestions are welcome, as well.

Contact us at

And thanks for your support as we make this transition.

John Cook and Todd Bishop