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Fireside Chat: Devin Wenig, CEO, eBay

What’s the future of online commerce? Devin Wenig has a unique perspective on this question as just the third CEO in the history of eBay, overseeing a business with 170 million active customers and $88.4 billion in gross merchandise volume. Axios chief technology correspondent Ina Fried interviews the eBay CEO about the state of the company, the competitive landscape, new business approaches, future innovations and the underlying trends driving this important sector of the tech economy. Moderated by Ina Fried, chief technology correspondent at Axios. Video link here.

Fireside Chat: Jessie Woolley-Wilson, CEO of Dreambox

DreamBox Learning’s CEO, president and board chair leads a company at the forefront of adaptive learning, pioneering new approaches to personalized technology with implications well beyond education. How does education technology power teaching and learning today? Can, or should, technology replace human teachers? Can we learn from how we use technology in education as we invest in machine learning?  Are there broader lessons for workforce development? Insights from the improbable journey of a Harvard Business School grad who started in banking and ended up as a leader in education technology. Moderated by David Samuelson of GreaterGood. Video link here.

Breaking news: Recommendations startup Likewise emerges from Bill Gates’ private office

We aim to break news at the GeekWire Summit on and off stage. On the evening of October 2, the GeekWire news team jumped on news about a new startup cooked up by one of Bill Gates’ top executives, hatched in his office and funded by the Microsoft co-founder himself, after more than a year of development under the radar. Read more about the new Bill Gates-backed startup. Video link here.

Ignite at the Summit: Three offbeat, fast-paced talks

Ignite Seattle, the successful, 12-year-old speaker series gives participants five minutes to give a compelling talk on just about any topic. Hear a selection of the best Ignite talks, with interesting people telling compelling stories on the GeekWire Summit stage.


  • Mapping the U.S. of Starbucks – James Davenport, research scientist with the DIRAC Institute at the University of Washington’s Department of Astronomy. Video link here. Slides here.
  • Building Solid Teams With Silly Games – Shannon Mead, strategy and organizational development consultant with Stack of Stones. Video link here. Slides here.

Fireside Chat: Reggie Fils-Aimé, Nintendo of America

Nintendo of America’s President and COO joins us to take a closer look at the video game company’s ongoing evolution. He’ll share information about some of the company’s latest initiatives, including Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Labo and current and upcoming games for the holiday season. How did Nintendo stay true to its guiding principles when the world was watching its every move? How can a global brand continue to innovate in a rapidly changing world while honoring its founding vision of bringing smiles to faces of all ages? Moderated by GeekWire co-founder Todd Bishop. Video link here.

GeekWire Summit receives presidential text alert

What happens when the President of the United States of America sends a text message to more than 1,000 geeks at GeekWire’s annual #GWSummit in Seattle, WA? Video link here.

Geeks Give Back, Day 2

If solutions were easy to come by, then the Seattle region’s troubles would be fleeting. We’ve seen homelessness affecting so many members of our community and want to lend our support to the organizations and policy advocates who are working hard to create meaningful change. This year for Geeks Give Back, GeekWire, Bank of America and Seattle Foundation are collaborating with five local nonprofits to deliver resources and solutions that will make the Seattle region more inclusive and accessible for everyone in our community. Join us in making an impact. Video link here.

Fireside Chat: Dennis Muilenburg, CEO, The Boeing Co.

Boeing’s CEO, president and chairman of the board surveys frontiers that range from underwater drones, to commercial air travel and military aerospace, to the realm of spaceflight and satellite technology. How does Boeing boost innovation and American competitiveness? How will automation and autonomous flight change the aviation industry? Will the first person on Mars really get there on a Boeing-built rocket? We’ll also delve into Muilenburg’s personal story: How did an Iowa farmboy rise to lead one of America’s top exporters and manufacturers? Moderated by GeekWire Aerospace and Science Editor Alan Boyle. Video link here.

The VC View

Cryptocurrency. Virtual Reality. Artificial Intelligence. Find out what’s hot in the startup world from leading venture capitalists. Panelists include Joanne Chen of Foundation Capital and Aileen Lee of Cowboy Ventures. Moderated by Sheila Gulati of Tola Capital. Video link here.

Inventions We Love: Crazy and Fun Inventions

Inventions We Love, presented by Boeing, is a fun geek show-and-tell featuring some of the coolest gadgets and hardware devices we’ve seen. Presentations by HaptX, Evrnu and SEEVA Technologies. Video link here.

Fireside Chat: Raj Singh, CEO of Accolade

Health care is the biggest industry in the U.S., and it’s poised to get even bigger as the graying of America continues. One quarter of the workforce will be older than 55 by 2025, creating tectonic shifts in business, politics and society. For years, healthcare — mired in regulatory complexity — has been immune to the technological changes that have swept other industries.  Accolade CEO Raj Singh, the veteran Seattle entrepreneur who previously sold software giant Concur to SAP for $8.3 billion, will discuss why now is the time for health tech to take hold, from understanding benefits to maximizing outcomes to boosting the lives of patients. Moderated by GeekWire co-founder John Cook. Video link here.