GeekWire Studios and Amazon have partnered to provide an inside look at the dynamic things consumers can do with their Amazon smart-home devices. With Echo Geek, we show you how to maximize your Amazon Echo Devices using skills and features you may not know even existed and have lots of fun along the way. Join us to see what you can do with your Echo Devices today!

Echo Geek: Alexa Privacy

Echo Geek: Alexa Privacy In episode 4 of our series we discover that Alexa and Echo devices include multiple layers of privacy protection. Learn about these four key features: wake word, streaming indicators, microphone and camera controls, and managing your voice recordings.

Echo Geek: Connecting Smart Home Devices with Alexa

Echo Geek: Connecting Smart Home Devices with Alexa: In episode 3 of our series we will learn how easy it is to set up a smart home with Alexa and just a few devices

Echo Geek: How to Create Routines for Your Smart Devices

Echo Geek: How to Create Routines for Your Smart Devices: Ep. 2: Learn how to create easy-to-activate routines that will automate your Echo devices by tying multiple features and skills together with a simple command.

Echo Geek: Playing music on multiple Echo devices

From GeekWire Studios and Amazon: Echo Geek is here! Check out Ep. 1 as host Brian Westbrook of GeekWire Studios dives into how to easily pair 2 echo devices for stereo or multi-room audio. With two Echo devices in your home you can give your smart home sound system a big boost by connecting them in the same room for stereo sound or in different rooms for synced multi-room audio.