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Bellevue, Wash.-based game developer Bungie has made a reputation for itself over the last couple of decades by, well, taking over the known universe once every couple of years. Its current bid for world domination is Destiny 2, the Activision-published massively-multiplayer-online first-person shooter, and it’s preparing for the imminent release of patch 1.1.3 on Feb. 27.

In the regular This Week at Bungie blog, Bungie’s community manager “dmg04” disclosed the current development roadmap for Destiny 2 and discussed the biggest new feature coming in next Tuesday’s patch: Nightfall Challenge Cards, several changes to how players score points in Nightfall raids, and a series of tweaks to how the Emblem system works.

Nightfall strikes are a weekly event that must be played solo or with a premade team, meant to be one of the most difficult challenges in Destiny 2. In patch 1.1.3, the scoring rules will change in a variety of ways meant to encourage smart, fast runs. Your points will now be team-based and determined mostly by scoring kills, and your score will bleed off slowly over time. You’re now more rewarded for actually engaging with enemies, rather than avoiding them.

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You will also receive a Challenge Card for clearing a Nightfall strike in 1.1.3, which adds an additional score multiplier to a run in exchange for several drawbacks, such as increased damage taken from certain sources.

A bigger possible change is in the removal of auras. Previously, an aura in Destiny 2 was essentially a cosmetic buff, which advertised to others what you’d been up to lately, and which disappeared on each weekly server reset. As of this patch, however, auras are going away as a separate feature on your character, and their effects will be rolled into Emblems.

Emblems, in turn, are gaining additional features. In Destiny 2, Emblems are special graphics for your character card, earned in-game and equipped to customize your displays. In 1.1.3, Emblems will have more available, visible stats for players that want to advertise them, such as a new Emblem that proudly shows off your lifetime kill counts in the player-vs.-player Crucible mode.

Patch 1.1.3 will be available to download and install, as of this writing, at 9 a.m. PST on Feb. 26, though the game will be down for server maintenance until 10 AM that morning.

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