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The “South Park” boys jump on their smartphones to buy a bunch of bike parts from Amazon. (Comedy Central screen grab)

So, this is what it looks like when we do all of our shopping online and an Amazon fulfillment center comes to town and puts everyone else out of business? At least, this is what it looks like on “South Park.”

Comedy Central’s long-running animated series has taken on Amazon in two episodes to close out the show’s 22nd season. Episode nine, titled “Unfulfilled” —  which you can watch for free right here — aired on Dec. 5, and the season finale, titled “Bike Parade,” airs Wednesday night and will begin streaming on Thursday.

“Unfulfilled” is centered around a new fulfillment center in town and one worker in particular, Stephen Stotch, who is a slave to the grind so that he can purchase more items on Amazon and watch more videos and listen to more music on Prime.

Amazon, Amazon Lite, and Amazon IPA on tap at the brewery in “South Park.” (Comedy Central screen grab)

“We should be thankful we even have jobs,” Stotch tells another worker over beers at an Amazon microbrewery. “Before the fulfillment center opened we didn’t really have anything.”

“We had our dignity!” the guy replies.

When a worker named Josh is injured by robots and other machinery at work, the company blames it on human error and Josh’s co-workers go on strike.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos pays a visit to “South Park.” (Comedy Central screen grab)

At the same time, Cartman, Kyle, Stan and Kenny are waiting on bike parts to be shipped so that they can enter a local bike parade. But the strike has shut down all package delivery. And an interview with Josh the injured worker makes the episode’s key point clear — “the working class needs to revolt against capitalism and bring about socioeconomic emancipation.”

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos comes to town and meets with the mayor threatens to take away her Prime membership. “If everyone stays unfulfilled it will be you who pays the price,” he says with a creepy alien thought-voice.

Watch the full episode to get the complete picture of what it looks like when people can’t get their stuffwhat shoppers did before Amazon, and how the worker feels when he loses his Prime status.

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