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Iris Carrera
Iris Carrera of (Photo Courtesy of Iris Carrera)

As an infrastructure engineer at Base2 Solutions, an engineering consulting firm based in downtown Bellevue, Wash., Iris Carrera said she “lives and breathes DevOps.”

Carrera, who is GeekWire’s latest Geek of the Week, holds a BA in Economics from Seattle University and a Certificate in Advanced Software Development in Python from Code Fellows. She said she found a knack for Ops while learning software development at the Seattle coding academy.

“I enjoyed helping classmates debug their deployment configurations, which led to a greater curiosity in the the software deployment/release space,” Carrera said. “As part of the Base2 Solutions DevOps team, my goal is to continuously improve our software development, QA, and release process.”

Carrera grew up in “beautiful, tropical Guam,” she said, and has been working, playing and learning in Seattle since 2007.

“I’m a queer woman and I really love the strength of LGBTQ communities and the bonds I built in my time here,” she said.

Her fun non-work interests include engaging with Seattle’s varied and rich music scene, karaoke, dance, travel, building apps, community organizing, and playing Pokèmon on her Pikachu Yellow Edition Nintendo 3DS XL.

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What do you do, and why do you do it? “As part of the Base2 DevOps team I create infrastructure to support Developer, QA, and project needs. I strive to encompass DevOps practices such as Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, Test Automation, and Build Automation into project infrastructure. These practices enable better quality software to reach production faster.”

What’s the single most important thing people should know about your field? “DevOps is more than fancy automation tools. It’s a shift in the way organizations do work. Having your Ops folks be part of entire software development process means better communication, more collaboration, and less problems come deployment time.”

Where do you find your inspiration? “I find inspiration in the possibilities of tomorrow, whether it be in science & technology or collective resistance against oppression.”

What’s the one piece of technology you couldn’t live without, and why? “Comfy wireless bluetooth headphones. Music is energizing and life giving. Also helps me tune out distractions while at work.”

Iris Carrera
Iris Carrera at work at Base2 Solutions in Bellevue, Wash. (Photo courtesy of Iris Carrera)

What’s your workspace like, and why does it work for you? “Dual monitors adjustable-height desk. Location is in a corner by a window, overlooking a table & tree filled courtyard. I like having multiple monitors (3 including my laptop). It helps to have docs up while I’m setting up environments. It also makes it easier to multitask.

“The main benefit of my seating location is that I don’t have folks sitting directly next to me, so it’s less distracting. Secondary benefit is that I see what food trucks show up in the courtyard first.”

Your best tip or trick for managing everyday work and life. (Help us out, we need it.) “Practice mindfulness and be more conscious in your actions. Make time for friends, music, art, and learning. Reflect. Make time for compassion, solidarity.”

Mac, Windows or Linux? “Mac for work, Linux at home.”

Kirk, Picard, or Janeway? “Picard.”

Transporter, Time Machine or Cloak of Invisibility? “Cloak!”

If someone gave me $1 million to launch a startup, I would … “Do something around improving availability/accessibility to social services.”

I once waited in line for … “a free banana near the Amazon campus.”

Your role models: “Carlos Bulosan, the Filipino American author and activist. His work inspired me to do more around supporting my kababayans (fellow Filipinos). All the bad ass women Computers at JPL from the 1940s – 1960s. They got us to the moon!”

Greatest game in history: “Kitty Counter.”

Best gadget ever: “RiF6 Cube Projector. I love having a projector instead of a TV. This model in particular is both affordable and portable. I have one hooked up to my Amazon Fire TV stick.

First computer: “Desktop with Windows 95.”

Current phone: “Samsung Galaxy S7.”

Favorite App: “Signal.”

Favorite cause: “Indigenous peoples’ rights.”

Most important technology of 2016: Signal protocol.”

Most important technology of 2018: “Signal protocol. I think privacy and encryption will continue to be very important in the coming years.”

Final words of advice for your fellow geeks: “For those of you not originally from Seattle (such as myself), engage with, collaborate with, and embrace communities that were here before you.”


Twitter: @goldirises

LinkedIn: Iris Carrera

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