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Intel is using Tom Brady to help show off its 360-degree replay technology.

The tech giant today rolled out a new advertisement featuring the Patriots quarterback that shows 360-degree angles of Brady going through a morning routine — like brushing his teeth and cooking pancakes.

“Intel’s 360-degree technology makes anything look epic,” the narrator says.

The 360-degree replays will be utilized during next month’s Super Bowl (the commercial will also air during the big game). Intel will use 38 cameras, all 5K, to help create the 360-degree replays. The cameras help digitize the entire playing field and, along with the help of algorithms and computing power, create a 3-dimensional view of the action. Each replay clip will last 15-to-30 seconds and use 1 TB of data.

Intel did the same for last year’s Super Bowl, as well as the NBA All-Star Game and the MLB All-Star Game.

Intel said it will also for the first time utilize 360-degree replay to show point of view from a player’s perspective. From Intel’s press release:

“Be the Player” uses Intel 360 replay technology to freeze a moment in the game and see the field from the player’s standpoint. The technology can bring a viewer onto the field from the quarterback’s position to see what it’s like to catch the snap, see the options and feel the pressure of the line rushing toward them. Commentators can share a new level of insight into the gametime decisions players have to make, as well as give an entirely new perspective to fans.

Some of the technology that makes it all work comes from Intel’s acquisition of Replay Technologies in March of last year.

Jeff Hopper, general manager of immersive experiences at Intel, called 360-degree replays the “best technology in live sports.”

For more than a year, Intel has made a serious effort to bring its technology into the sports world. At CES in Las Vegas earlier this month, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich appeared on stage at multiple events and talked about sports.

Krzanich also led the company’s press conference, which took attendees on a virtual reality tour. One demo included a live-look at a college basketball game, showing the fruits of Intel’s Voke acquisition last year.

Intel also has partnerships with sports companies like New Balance and media giants like ESPN. It also tapped Michael Phelps, who was just at CES for Under Armour, for a recent commercial that has more than 3 million views on YouTube.

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