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Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton as 8-bit characters.

With the U.S. presidential campaign in full swing, and PAX West 2016 underway in Seattle, we decided to bridge the worlds of games and politics with a thought-provoking “Geek on the Street” question: Who would be the tougher video game boss to defeat, Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton?

Hey, when you’re picking a new leader for the country, you’ve got to consider all their qualifications. We posed the question to a broad cross-section of PAX attendees, cosplayers and even artist Mike Krahulik, better known as Gabe from the Penny Arcade comics that spawned the PAX events.

Watch the video above and continue reading for the responses.


Sonja Marcus, Seattle area. “It depends on the player type. I’d say for the button mashers who just can keep pushing and pushing and pushing, maybe Trump. I’m not too sure. And then you have to get all technical and go for many different angles on Clinton. I’d take a more magic-based approach with Clinton, because I’d have to go from several different things, have to employ a lot of different strategies, bring friends. And then with Trump I’d kind of tank.”


Mike Krahulik, Penny Arcade: “We don’t do political commentary on the comic for a very important reason.” What weapons would you use to defeat either? “Fire. Just burn it all.”


Allyson, Seattle: “Trump, man. He’s gotten this far on God knows what.” What weapon would you use to defeat him? “How crude can I be? A giant dildo. He probably has something to compensate for.”


Kirby Bolser, Redmond: “Donald Trump, definitely. Much crazier fight.” What weapon would you use to defeat him? “Truth.”


Yuepon Fan, California. “Hillary Clinton. Because she has inside connections that get her off free of anything. Donald Trump doesn’t.” What weapons would you use to defeat her as a game boss? “Bernie Sanders and the progressive movement.”


Abi Sue Cosplay: “Donald Trump, because he just kind of goes out of nowhere. You don’t know what to expect from him.

Jerikandra Cosplay: What about his small hands?

Charles Arrasmith (Omnus): I’m going to say Trump would definitely be easier; Hillary would break all the rules.


Doug Wohlfeil, Seattle: “I’m going to say Trump, just because I expect that he would have the full weight of his money behind him.”

Mandi Huffman, Seattle: “Plus he plays dirty. There’s no logic there. He gets away with everything.”

What weapon would you use to defeat him? Wohlfeil: A really big fan, hopefully just to blow his wig off, stun him and the take down his hit points.”

Robin Sevakis, Seattle: “I would say Hillary, because Trump you could just defeat by bruising his ego very easily. He seems very fragile in that regard. Just bad press, make fun of him.”

Sang Shin, Seattle: “But Trump doesn’t have any patterns, though. He always switches around so you can’t really predict his movement.”


Brian Petersen, Kirkland: “Donald Trump would build a wall and that’s the end of the fight.” What weapon would you use to defeat him? “Intelligence.”


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