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Members of the games industry gather in Seattle to support Hillary Clinton for president.
Members of the games industry gather in Seattle to support Hillary Clinton for president.

There’s no game with higher stakes than the U.S. presidential election.

That’s why game designers have banded together to throw their weight behind Hillary Clinton and urge their community to vote Tuesday.

More than 250 game makers, including designers behind “Dungeons & Dragons,” “Magic: The Gathering,” “Cards Against Humanity,” The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Washington Post crosswords, and puzzles for Amazon and Microsoft, have signed an open letter titled “This Tuesday, it’s the Only Game in Town #gamers4her.”

Here’s how the letter describes the two candidates in terms any gaming geek could understand:

Hillary Clinton is the aunt who bought you your first box of Dungeons & Dragons because she heard it promoted literacy and problem solving skills. She’d rather be a healer, but she’ll be the tank when she needs to. She knows that characters of any race or gender should qualify equally for any class, without level limits or ability score penalties. She counts the pieces before you start assembling the jigsaw puzzle. She settled Catan before anyone else thought it was a good idea. She likes co-op games because she knows we’re stronger together.

Donald Trump is the disruptive sort of player that no one wants at their game table. He tries to take your turn for you in Pandemic Legacy. He solves crosswords incorrectly in pen—in your copy of the magazine. He only wants to play Monopoly, and gets mad when you suggest a Free Parking rule. His favorite deck contains five counterfeit Moxes. To quote the Nuisance Committee, Trump mains Hanzo and complains about team comp in chat. People like him are the reason that game conventions need anti-harassment policies.

Lone Shark Games founder Mike Selinker, Dungeons & Dragons designers Jonathan Tweet and Rob Heinsoo, and Pathfinder ACG designer Gaby Weidling organized members of the game industry to sign the letter. They also held an event in at Seattle’s famous Fremont troll Sunday to show support for Clinton.

“This Tuesday, join us in voting for the highest-level candidate for president we’ve ever seen, Hillary Rodham Clinton,” the letter says. “Let’s win this thing for her.”

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