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94fifty set up a booth at CES to demonstrate its smart basketball technology. The screen on the right shows shot feedback.

LAS VEGAS — Nearly all of us who play basketball would love to have a better jump shot. Now, technology is helping make it happen.

One of my favorite gadgets so far at CES is a smart, sensor-laden basketball called 94Fifty which essentially acts as a virtual coach that helps improve your shooting technique.

IMG_4172Developed by a Ohio-based startup called InfoMotion, the ball itself looks totally normal from the outside with a leather, waterproof exterior. But on the inside is where the magic happens, as a motion processing algorithm detects forces applied to the ball — spin, acceleration, etc. — and immediately spits out feedback to a companion app via Bluetooth.

The most helpful statistic is arguably the degree of your shot’s arc, which, according to the company, should be in the 42-to-48 degree range. The app allows for audible cues, so you can wear headphones while you shoot around and listen to feedback after every shot.

IMG_4176“As long as you’re in that range, statistically you have a better chance of the ball going in,” InfoMotion president Mark Davisson said.

The technology, which won a CES 2015 “Best of Innovation” award, can also measure backspin, shot release speed, and dribble intensity. The ball itself has a battery life of eight hours, charges wirelessly, and works in a range of up to 90 feet from your mobile device. There’s also a “smart net” that InfoMotion makes which can track how many shots you sink.

The ball retails for $179.95, while the net will cost you $19.95. However, 94Fifty’s website notes a backorder delay until this summer for the ball.

This innovation is a good example of how sports companies are using sensor technology to help improve technique. A similar startup is Zepp, which is also here at CES and develops a sensor that provides feedback on golf, tennis, and baseball swings.

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