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Just how much geeky knowledge have you retained over the years? Here’s your chance to find out.

techtriviaThe GeekWire team had a great time coming up with a set of 45 questions — across four categories and one puzzle sheet — for GeekWire Trivia Night. We tested the knowledge of more than 250 people in dozens of trivia teams at the Spitfire in Belltown.

Now it’s you’re turn. Here’s the full set of questions below. How many do you know? To truly test yourself, and your friends, print out our score sheet and spend some time filling out the questions — no web searching allowed! — then check them against the answers here.

Here’s your mark to beat: the winning team, “Ancient Warriors,” scored 42 out of 45.

Category 1, Geek-tainment, presented by Filter

1 — What actor played the character of Sean Parker in the movie the Social Network?

2 —Which Seattle bar in the shadow of the Space Needle was the first to ban Google Glass?

3 — Which former Roseanne star and pal of “The Dude” is featured in Amazon’s Alpha House?

4 — In the HBO show Silicon Valley, what’s the name of the startup’s app?

5 — Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson starred as interns in a movie set at this tech giant. Answer. Google

6 — Rapper Jay-Z is an investor in this Seattle startup that shares its name with a popular cocktail served at the Kentucky Derby?

7 — Which home game console has led the U.S. market for all of 2014?

8 — What 70s German electronic band — known for Computer Love and It’s More Fun to Compute — is still performing 3D concerts?

9 — Singer/songwriter Ray LaMontagne sings the lyrics “I will find you” in a TV ad for which Seattle real estate technology company?

10 — Cartridges of this galactically bad 80s video game, developed for the Atari 2600, were recently unearthed from a New Mexico landfill?

Category 2, Geeky People & Places, presented by Groupon

1 — On which Seattle area island did Box CEO Aaron Levie grow up?

2 — Which foul-mouthed Seattle-area wireless exec likes to appear on stage holding a Red Bull?

3 — Which Seahawks star is the Madden NFL 15 cover athlete?

4 — What type of product does founder Jeff Bezos’ natural father peddle?

5 — Peter Hamilton, CEO of Seattle startup HasOffers, started his career in what musical profession?

6 — What is the name of Paul Allen’s largest yacht, which shares its name with a sea creature found in Puget Sound?

7 —There are more than 2.4 million geocaches stashed throughout the universe. This one is orbiting like no other. Where is it?

8 —This talk show host is responsible for the most re-tweeted tweet of all time?

9 — Apple’s next version of Mac OS 10 is named after which national park?

10 —This Bellevue burger joint served as an unofficial cafeteria for Microsoft in its early years?

Category 3, Code Ninjas, presented by Greythorn

1 — What was the cattle-themed code name for Microsoft’s Windows Vista?

2 — On what type of device did U.S. ambassador and Seattle resident Suzi Levine take her oath of office?

3 — What’s the speedy name of Apple’s new programming language for iOS and OS X?

4 —In an interview at Harvard University, Bill Gates admitted that CTRL ALT DELETE was a _____________?

5 —This English mathematician is often described as the world’s first computer programmer.

6 — What does HTTP stand for?

7 — The Bootstrap web development framework was originally developed by employees of which social networking company?

8 —What is the candy bar-themed code name for Android version 4.4?

9 —This widespread vulnerability in the open SSL software library sounded like a horrible coronary condition.

10 — Cassandra, Spring, Hibernate and Spark all share what in common?

Category 4, Legal Eagles, presented by Avvo

1 — Question: Which automaker successfully defeated an attempt to ban sales of its vehicles in Washington state?

2 —Which Seattle rocker dug herself out of a hole to win a major Twitter defamation case?

3 —What personal information did actress Junie Hoang sue Amazon’s IMDb for disclosing?

4 —This patent company was scrutinized by public radio’s This American Life in a two-episode expose.

5 — Which U.S. tech giant filed the most patents in the U.S. in 2013, for the 21st consecutive year, leaving the rest of the industry blue?

6 —Which Beastie Boys song landed girl-power toy company GoldieBlox in hot water?

7— This whistleblower exposed the NSA’s secret program to access the servers of Microsoft, Google and other tech giants.

8 — Apple lost an antitrust case over its alleged attempt to control the price of what type of digital content?

9 — Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson filed a consumer protection lawsuit over playing cards offered on this online funding platform.

10 — You’re thinking of moving your hot new social-media-big-data-gaming startup from Seattle to San Francisco. What can you get your developers to sign in Washington that would never fly, legally, in California?

And here’s our puzzle page, for the final five points …

Trivia Score Card

Thanks for playing! Here’s the full set of answers. Tally your score and let us know how you did in the comments.


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