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Hey, that looks like an interesting story in that random tweet on my Windows Phone lock screen. I’d like to read that.

WindowsPhone8X_Front_BackLet’s see, I’ll swipe at it. Nope, that opens up Kid’s Corner. OK let’s go back. A quick tap on the link, maybe? Hmm, that doesn’t work, either.

Wait, this new feature is just for show? I have to unlock the phone, launch the app and search for the tweet manually? Really?

Yes, it’s me, the accidental Windows Phone crank. I eagerly downloaded the updated Twitter app for Windows Phone this morning, ready to experience its new features in all their glory. Ten months into my Windows Phone experience, I take pride in keeping an open mind, at least.

OK, you caught me, I admit it, I’ve been switching the SIM card back to my old iPhone 4S for several days at a time. It all started when the HTC 8X stopped connecting reliably to the Bluetooth in my car. But anyway …

After about 30 seconds of poking at the tweet on the lock screen, I got over my frustration and decided to try another of the new features of the Twitter app, the ability to receive notifications when selected Twitter accounts publish new tweets. So into the app’s settings I went.

pushnotifications“We’re sorry, you have too many apps using push notifications,” read the message. “Please disable notifications in other apps and try again.”

Deep breath. OK, no problem so I’ll just find the central notifications pane in Windows Phone, and quickly disable notifications for a few of my apps.

Oh, wait, IT DOESN’T EXIST!! I have to open apps individually, see if they have push notifications enabled, and turn them off one-by-one?

Seriously, there’s a lot to like in Windows Phone, and I really do want to make it work for me. But holy crap, stuff like this makes it tough.

For the record, I was able to enable one feature of the Twitter app, the ability to turn on a dark theme. I’m calling that a victory and moving on.

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