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A few of the best quotes, tweets, comments and random zingers we heard this week.

“Oh, Hansen’s hard to control!!!” — Kentucky Derby announcer Larry Collmus, on the 3-year-old colt sponsored by Microsoft’s Windows Phone, at the midpoint of the race.

Combined with an earlier reference to the horse overheating, the sponsorship wasn’t exactly a brand-affiliation bonanza for the company’s long-shot mobile platform. Hansen was in the third position on the back stretch but ultimately finished deep in the pack in the 138th Run for the Roses.

“Drew Something, past tense” — Stein Broeder, on Twitter, in response to our poll about waning user interest in Draw Something, the fleeting star of mobile games.

“Dear Amazon: By way of apology, please submit two tributes from your executive ranks. May the odds be ever in their favor.” — GeekWire reader in a comment after Amazon spoiled the plot of the second book in the Hunger Games trilogy in a Washington, D.C., transit add.

“That would be at home” — journalist Paul Nyhan, on Twitter, responding to our story about an online service that helps people, as we put it, “find the best places to eat with your screaming kids.”

“Difference between G+ and Twitter. On G+ I got yelled at for doing “RT:”. On Twitter +1 is cool.” — Charlie Kindel on Twitter.

Tech journalist Paul Miller goes old school after quitting the Internet. (Photo via The Verge.)

“Much of my life will involve transferring files on thumb drives, printing things out with a laser printer, and using snail mail and phone calls to communicate. Research will be done in libraries and in person. News will be gotten from magazines and newspapers.” — tech journalist Paul Miller, senior editor of The Verge, announcing that he won’t be using the Internet for a year.

“You see, as a blogger, I’ve learned that every publicity stunt I throw myself at makes me a more interesting person to myself. It doesn’t even matter if I succeed, as long as I write a detailed article explaining my plan, a few daily posts reiterating how mundane my life is and always has been, and a lame excuse as to why I couldn’t make it more than six weeks before resorting to my previous behavior.” — Harry Marks, parodying Miller in a post announcing he’ll be giving up reading for a year.

“After a lot of thought, I am going to leave the Internet for 15 minutes. The video crew will record if something happens.” — tech journalist James Kendrick, making his own special sacrifice.

“Today I did a test of times… I picked a copy of the New York Times from the Hotel Lobby we were staying in Portland and showed it to my kids (age 6 and 3) and asked them: do you know what’s this? They said ‘no’. They had never seen a newspaper before. Yes, that thing is going away soon.” — Marcelo Calbucci on Facebook.

Brad Feld

“Not for this level of wearing. Maybe a night out on the town.” — Crystal Gemmell, a.k.a. “Knee High Nightmare” of the Rat City Roller Girls, assessing the JoeyBra after her phone fell out of the undergarment during testing for KING 5’s Jesse Jones at a recent practice.

“Moz has an awesome culture, impeccable character, strong market leadership and the financial growth trajectory to back it all up. Plus, they promised me they’d put the word fuck in a press release.” — Brad Feld, Managing Director at the Foundry Group, in the press release announcing the Seattle startup’s $18 million financing round.

“There is nothing quite like being called the Ironman of Startups after having gone through chemo. It is a humbling, humbling process” — tech investor, startup mentor and cancer survivor Andy Sack, accepting his recognition from the tech community at GeekWire’s Seattle 2.0 Startup Awards.

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