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The best comments, quotes, tweets and random zingers we heard this week … 

“This sums up the difference between Apple and Microsoft rather nicely, in my opinion.” — Sam Symons, on Twitter, referring to the juxtaposition of their title tags above.

Google Chef Jason Wilson, right, holds some chocolate chip cookies at the company's Kirkland campus. (GeekWire file.)

“In a cab on the way to Google headquarters. Driver is lost & asking directions. If only there were some sort of online map.” — writer and comedian Mo Rocca on Twitter.

“On Google campus. There is food everywhere. And it’s FREE. Just started w/ oysters and an ice cream sandwich.” — Rocca on Twitter, after finding the Google campus (and discovering one of its legendary perks).

“If you never, ever talk to people, and you meet all of your needs on the Internet, you wake up one day and you are the Unabomber.” — author Ann Patchett, talking with Stephen Colbert about the importance of bookstores such as her independent shop in Nashville.

“That’s a strong argument. But you understand that I have a couple books coming out this year, and I can’t agree with you because Jeff Bezos at Amazon, he’s a vindictive man. He clubbed the owner of Borders to death with a tire iron.” — Colbert, in response.

“Thanks to Microsoft, I now know slang that I didn’t know before.” — GeekWire reader Dennis Hamilton, commenting on Microsoft asking an Xbox Live user to change his gamertag because his last name, Gooche, could be confused with a sexually explicit slang word referring to a certain part of the male anatomy.

“They’ve certainly tainted the service,” GeekWire reader Mitch, commenting on the same news.

“I’ve been on Facebook since 6/2004, and I wondered why I was getting less and less happy with it.  Your explanation makes complete sense.  Thank you.” — Ben Slivka commenting on Sasha Pasulka’s guest post on GeekWire: “Why Facebook may surrender users to niche social networks.”

“No wonder Greece is broke. You have to give a stool sample to start a company.”– blogger and former Wall Street analyst Henry Blodget, on Twitter, explaining the woes facing Greece.

Poker pro and startup guru Phil Gordon

“If you are sitting on the fence, and you have a great idea, and a great team lined up, but you just can’t force yourself to quit your day job, you are not going to make it very far in the startup world.”–Poker pro and computer scientist Phil Gordon explaining his six steps to startup (and gambling) success.

“Wow, I would totally subscribe but I DON’T WANT to also get cable. Cause, you know, I WATCH MY STUFF ONLINE. Oi. Someday they’ll get it. Hopefully.” — GeekWire reader Jeska Dzwigalski, commenting on Comcast’s new Streampix video streaming service, available only to Comcast cable subscribers.

“Coming soon: buy 1000 CDs, get a discounted subscription to Spotify.” GeekWire reader Tessa, commenting on the same news.

“We need less services and a more reliable dumb pipe, that is all thanks.”– another GeekWire reader commenting on the Comcast Streampix news.

“This is my first tweet from my Vita. Will it be my last? Quite possibly.” — Kyle Orland of Ars Technica on Twitter.

“The day my pre-teen offered to jailbreak my old iPhone, I was both horrified and proud.” — Jenny Yim-Nordquist, on Twitter, about Frank Catalano’s GeekWire column, 7 steps to raise a geek child.

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