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The best insights, observations, comments, tweets and random zingers we heard this week.

“In short, we’ll treat you as a single user across all our products, which will mean a simpler, more intuitive Google experience.” — Google privacy director Alma Whitten announcing the unification of the company’s privacy policies and user data.

“Google will know more about you than your wife does.” — ZDNet’s Larry Dignanputting the news in perspective.

“Google’s algorithms think I’m a “65+” year-old male. So much for my hip young online persona. (Oh, my prostate! Ouch, my back!)” — Joshua Auerbach on Twitter, after reviewing his Google Dashboard data.

“I hope Cozi is successful. I spent a lot of energy while at MS pushing the idea of the family calendar. Failed.” — former Microsoft general manager Charlie Kindel, commenting on Twitter on the $3 million fundraising by Seattle-based Cozi.

“Apple is really pushing this earnings release LATE.” — New York Times reporter Nick Wingfieldon Twitter, waiting on the company’s financial results.

“Nick, it takes them a long time to count all that money.” — Spencer Shansonin response.

“Apple’s cash reserve is enough to pay off the total public debt of 8 countries within the EU.” — one of the factoids in an infographic, released after Apple’s historic earnings.

“We don’t really see the limited function tablets and e-readers as being in the same category.”–Apple CEO Tim Cook commenting on possible competition from the Kindle Fire and other tablet computers.

“Security is an arms race, and that’s why Facebook is committed to constantly improving our consumer safeguards while pursuing and supporting civil and criminal consequences for bad actors.” —Facebook General Counsel Ted Ullyot in announcing a lawsuit against Adscend Media, a company that allegedly tricked Facebook users into giving away personal information on the social network.

“RealNetworks has so many businesses that, if I were to give you the elevator pitch of what we do, it’d better be a very tall building.” Newly-appointed RealNetworks CEO Thomas Nielsen in an interview on GeekWire after the company announced plans to sell patents to Intel.

“Don’t they just have the patent to the word ‘Buffering’?” — Seb Skusecommenting on Twitter on the RealNetworks patent sale.

“I would say I caught the bug.”–Zach Sweetser, a 17-year-old junior at Bellevue’s Interlake High School, who used a radio control plane to snap some amazing aerial photos of the Seattle area following the epic snowstorm.

“Two extraordinary men, each contributing to society in huge ways.  Every now and then I sure wish the “Ford vs. Chevy” camps of Microsoft vs. Apple fanboys could just set things aside, take a deep breath, and give these two great leaders each the standing ovation they so richly deserve. So gracious of Bill G. to recall his friend, colleague and competitor in such humble terms; I bet if the situation were reversed, we’d see Steve J. do the same.”–GeekWire reader and BigOven CEO Steve Murch, commenting on remarks made by Bill Gates about the late Steve Jobs.

Top picture by Robert Scoble, via Flickr.

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