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I pride myself on being able to argue reasonably, listen respectfully, consider new perspectives thoughtfully and — most of the time — withhold judgment.

But I just don’t get it. Anyone who uses a newer iPhone without a case must be completely nuts.

This includes close friends, tech geniuses, GeekWire’s Todd Bishop and all kinds of people I respect. Hell, my husband is one of these lunatics. Every time I spot his iPhone 4, shielded from a cruel world by nothing more than a thin film on the front, I cringe, look at him and think, Good lord, WHY?

I love you all, but really. I’ve heard your reasons and they don’t make sense. You’re out there, way too many of you, defending your naked iPhones with a casual pride I’ve tried and failed to understand.

Snap out of it, people, ’cause this is madness.

Here are five reasons why:

1. It’s. Made. Of. Glass.

An iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S is a steel frame surrounded by not one but two panels of a smooth, sleek, fragile substance called glass. Is it that geektastic Corning glass? Yes. Is it stronger and more damage resistant than a lot of glass? Apparently. Is it oh-so-cleverly called “Gorilla” glass? You bet. It’s still glass. That stuff that shatters when you throw a rock at it. Or hurl a bad guy through it. Or set a mug on it too hard. Or, you know, drop it. Apple gets away with making mobile phones out of glass because Apple is God. The rest of you should face facts.

2. You are not God

Monica Guzman's shattered iPhone

You’re responsible, you’re consistent, you’re disciplined. You’ve never dropped a phone in your life and you never will. Ha! Funny. If you haven’t been there, you’ll get there, and let me tell you — it sucks. You only have to be clumsy or careless or a total idiot once.

The only reason my iPhone 4 escaped certain death when it flew off the roof of my car getting on I-5 that luckiest of unluckiest days last year (total idiot) was because it was in a case.

You can take a shattered phone to Apple for top-of-the-line, wallet-busting surgery or search for a bargain at a local repair shop or down the back alleys of eBay or Craigslist. Or you can get a case.

3. Ive won’t mind.

Deep in the mythical land of Apple lives a man — nay — a legend of insurmountable genius named Jonathan Ive. Ive led the design of the iPod and the iMac, the Air and the iPad, and yes, the absolutely ravishing iPhone. Newer models don’t curve for grip and can slip from your hands, but that’s OK, you say, because Ive forged not just a phone but a work of art, and you’ll be damned if you keep it under a case. Here’s the thing, though: Ive’s all set. Everyone and their grandmother knows what an iPhone looks like and that it’s glorious. Yours isn’t a thing of beauty as much as it’s just another iPhone. Want to honor its splendor? Great. Protect it.

4. Bulk is beautiful

Monica Guzman

Put in for a case and you won’t be assigned some stuffy standard issue rag. This is the free market, thank goodness, and cases compete on aesthetics and lightness as well as portability and practicality. My phones have worn all kinds of cases, most of them swag from one conference or another. My iPhone 4 is currently sporting a green and gray OtterBox that’s keeping me worry free. Type “iPhone” into Google’s search bar and “iPhone cases” is the fourth suggested search. Translation: you’ve got choices. Will all these choices add bulk to your phone? Of course. It pays it back in peace of mind.

5. Your phone is too big to fail

Face it: If you have an iPhone and you love your iPhone you’re going to have a bad day when the naked little guy falls and breaks. It may shut down outright, interrupting your busy schedule with an emergency trip to a repair shop where you can’t check your email while you wait. Or it’ll suffer some screen damage or camera casualty you’ll swear is no big deal until it digs into your skull in a slow, geeky form of torture. Either way, ick. You can expose the ruling gadget of your life to technological tragedy, or you can save yourself a full stop in your mobile grind in the future with a little prevention today.

Think I’m crazy? Tell me why. This could get interesting.

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