Trending: IBM sues Zillow, accuses the real estate giant of building key features using Big Blue’s tech

The Harvard Business Review tried to have a very serious discussion with Ben Huh about cat pictures, misspellings and Fail Blog.

Queen of Hearts at Sakura-Con

Amazon and the case of the $23 million textbook. How Amazon tried to rip off a really smart college kid with too much time on his hands.

Bill S. Preston, Esq. tweeted yesterday that the Bill & Ted 3 script is finished. The script was written in approximately four weeks, no surprises there.  They’re going to have to travel back in time to get a phone booth though.

G-Form has an egg drop with an iPad.  Next time you’re in an airplane soaring through the sky at 500 feet and you trip and fall, causing your iPad to launch out of an open window, G-Form Extreme Sleeve totally has you covered.

The Hugo Award nominees were announced. Your summer reading list just wrote itself. You’re welcome.

National Geographic celebrates the Yoda bat and 19 other so-ugly-they’re-cute animals. Okay, the bat resembles Yoda, but its got a Homer Simpson mouth.

Behind the scenes of Disney’s ghostly shenanigans. The new ghosts at the Haunted Mansion are using state-of -the-art technology to make it look like you’ve been decapitated. Don’t fret, it’s all completely G-rated.

A quick look at 3DS’s The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Nothing soothes the soul quite like Link cantering through the land of Hyrule by moonlight in 3-D.

Some actor quit The Hobbit today for “personal reasons”.  Word on the street is he was cast as Fíli (who the hell is that?) and not even Wikipedia could confirm the character’s existence.  Seems like we have a bitter Dwarf on our hands.

Six seconds of Kevin Bacon. Enjoy this little slice of Bacon as Sebastian Shaw in the new X-Men trailer.

Scientists are connecting actual nerves to prosthetic limbs. While this is cool for the rest of the world, it’s bad news for The Fugitive.

Best Sakura-Con Cosplay of the Day, from GeekWire’s Photo Gallery.

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