uberxUberX drivers in New York City may want to affix a “Baby On Board” bumper sticker to the back of their vehicles.

That’s because Uber today announced a new pilot service called UberFAMILY that gives people the option to hitch a ride with UberX cars that have a car seat.

News of this program leaked last week on VentureBeat, but now Uber is officially launching the service.

“With uberFAMILY, parents on-the-go now have access to a reliable, safe and affordable transportation option,” the company said, adding that only its “highest-ranked” UberX drivers will be offering the car seat feature.

Passengers in New York City will need to tap the person icon in the top left corner of the Uber app and enter the code “FAMILY,” to unlock the uberFAMILY view. Once they jump into a car and strap their child into a car seat, they’ll pay an extra $10 for the service on top of the base fare. This weekend, Uber is waiving that $10 fee through partnership with Care.com.

The Next Web notes that UberX drivers will have to purchase their own custom car seat, which are supplied by Uber, and carry the seat in their trunk when it isn’t in use.

An Uber spokesperson said that the company will consider expanding the service to other cities “if this experiment proves to be successful.”

Uber recently launched a pilot courier bike service, also in New York City.

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  • Myles H

    And Lyft will be offering SUV service soon! This is so exciting.

    And if you haven’t tried Lyft yet, download the app and enter promo code “FREE20” for a free ride. It works nationwide and I’m pretty sure it doesn’t expire.

  • ClaimsAdjuster

    It looks like Uber’s PR flack emailed another article to Taylor Soper, boy jourmalist.

    • Guest

      Shut the fuck up. We’ve had enough of your faux legal arguments. Now you’ve resorted to attacking journalists themselves. Stop them now.

      If you’d like to be around men who share your belief that Seattle was at its best in the 1960s, go to the Seattle Times comments. They would love you.

      I know you’re going to reply to this. I won’t read it. Shut the fuck up.

      • ClaimsAdjuster

        Which uber-troll are you, “Guest”? Don’t have enough time to get an online handle?

        Taylor Soper is not a journalist – he is a hack that takes Uber and Lyft press releases, such as this one, and publishes it as if it were newsworthy.

        You uber-trolls are sick of my “faux legal arguments”? Which one is that? The one about the City Attorney ruling that the Uber/Lyft referendum would be ruled invalid? I was the first one to point that out online and it was picked by the media, even by boy journalist, Taylor Soper.

        The other “faux” legal argument I made was to quote the relevant sections of the state for hire-laws along with hyperlinks. You had no refutation of that and no backup.

        Of course you will read this reply, troll. You can’t help yourself.

        • Lame Adjuster

          You lost.

          • ClaimsAdjuster

            What happened to not reading the reply, uber-troll? There is more humiliation awaiting you in the other forum where you stated that you would not read the responses for “safety”.

  • sol

    The driver can also teach the children some valuable life lessons while giving them “exciting” rides like the relationship between a pimp and a prostitute, walmartization of America, the concept of pushing for deregulation when laws stand in your way, etc. The possibilities are endless.

    • Tom Michaelson

      Michael Tompson, is that you? Wow, “calling all babies” is right–you showed up! How about teaching the children what it means to be on time, clean, safe, friendly, less expensive? The possibilities are endless!

      • sol

        who is Michael Tompson? your parole officer or your pimp rep at uber? By the way, when the parents pay extra initial fee of $10 when they load each baby, is the driver supposed to sing lullaby songs along with juggling two phones, socializing with the parents, and driving the car? I bet your rating will go down if you don’t know some good lullaby songs. work on the voice, it only takes rating less than 4 out of 5. The possibilities are endless.

        • Tom Michaelson

          S.O.L. is right. Ride-sharing has found a way to enhance the customer experience for less money. That’s all customers care about. Uber app downloaded. Lyft app downloaded. Cab numbers deleted from my phone. Too easy.

          • sol

            “…less money.” Tom, itemizing exorbitant prices is not less money. Tell us, what the hell is $1 safe ride fee? Aren’t all rides supposed to be safe? And why the parents have to be charged $10 for a baby before starting the trip? whats next? cell phone use fee? where does it end? all these while taxis are still around! what will they do once they put taxis out of business?

          • Tom Michaelson

            Finding an answer to your first question was TOUGH. I had to Google it! http://blog.uber.com/saferides. As for your other questions, give me a break. The 10 bucks is for the service of having a car seat for your kid, not a fee for bringing a kid along (you can do that in a regular Uber car), but you already knew that. For the answers to your other questions, consult a fortune teller.

          • ClaimsAdjuster

            Uber says its for insurance but apparently not the commercial insurance required by the state for taxis.

    • balls187

      Holy Shit Snacks, you Uber/Anti-Uber fucks should just get a room, and deal with your pent up sexual tension towards each other.

      The rest of us want to antagonize GeekWire in the comments section in peace.

  • Guest

    Congratulations to Uber on the innovative disruption, or “innovupt!” We’re glad to see TNCs innovupting the transportation industry, to whose antediluvian rules they are not beholden.

    • ClaimsAdjuster

      Yes, being required to carry insurance is so antediluvian.

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