peachd1A new startup in Seattle just raised $2.75 million from some of the region’s top venture capital firms to do something rather simple: Deliver lunch.

Peachd is one of many food delivery companies sprouting up around the nation and Seattle, but it hopes to differentiate itself with a service that brings daytime grub from top local restaurants to offices around the city — all without delivery fees.

Here’s how it works. Between 10 a.m. and 10:30 a.m., Peachd sends a text message to members with a link for that day’s selected dish, which costs an average of $10. Customers have an hour to place an order by responding with a “yes” text, and their food will show up an hour later at a pre-determined office space.

The startup, which is active in Seattle and Washington D.C., picks a new dish each day and has several offices — from Amazon to Microsoft to Porch — where it delivers the food:

Green indicates office spaces that Peachd delivers to; yellow represents upcoming locations.
Green indicates office spaces that Peachd delivers to; yellow represents upcoming locations.

Ex-Amazon engineer Nishant Singh founded the company earlier this year with former Amazon colleagues Denis Bellavance and Chenyu Wang.

Peachd CEO Nishant Singh.
Peachd CEO Nishant Singh.

“I like to taste different food, but I have only limited time to taste everything that Seattle restaurants has to offer,” Singh said. “So I launched Peachd with the vision of delivering quality food to people without delivery charges.”

The seed round was led by Maveron and had participation from Madrona Venture Group and Vulcan Inc. Peachd will use the money to hire employees — it currently employs five — and reach more markets.

Peachd, which shares revenue with partnering restaurants, faces stiff delivery competition in the Seattle market with existing food delivery services like CaviarEat24BitesquadPostmates and Bay Area-based Munchery, which is launching in Seattle this summer. Amazon is also in the space with its Amazon Fresh Seattle Spotlight program, and the company is quietly rolling out a takeout service.

Singh noted two aspects that differentiate Peachd: Lunch and no delivery fees.

“There are lot of companies focusing on delivering food, but we are only focusing on lunch and getting food delivered to someone’s workplace without charging delivery fees,” he said.

Here’s a video of Singh pitching Peachd back in January:

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  • Edwin Fu

    @Nishant Singh We’ve been DYING for a service like this for our startup. We were working with caterers but they were super flakey and never followed through. Same with Whole Foods and PCC. We been counting the days for Munchery and the like to come to town. We’re stuck with a crap load of dishes and unproductive trips to the market every 2 days. We’re so down to help Seattle startups!

  • Alison

    Peach meals aren’t always under $10! It’s common for them to be over that limit, see here for the previous Seattle meals, which go as high as $12:

    • Taylor Soper

      Thanks Alison, I’ve updated the story to reflect this.

  • Hakon Verespej

    Great write-up. I’m really excited for Nishant, Chenyu, and the rest of the team! Way to go!

  • Bink Binkerson

    Tried the site… they ask for your credit card number before you even see what the food choices are/have been. Ummm, sorry, no.

    • Guest

      Scroll down to the Previous Dishes section on the home page. I see previous dishes and their prices and I can even view more without logging in or creditcarding.

      Jesus, Bink. Think!

  • Patrick Husting

    I used to use Kozmos for this same purpose. Will you deliver a king size candy bar for $1.50? I used to love that about Kozmo.

    • Dan Levitan

      I hope not :)

  • As I See It

    Bubble? Methinks so!

  • Nathan Parcells

    Congrats to Nishant and team. Wicked smart founders and a really innovative solution to a growing space. I think they are going to crush it.

  • Graham Mooney

    Way to go guys, love seeing this grow from your Startup Weekend! Congrats!

  • Mary

    University of Washington please!!

  • Brandon

    The video you posted is private…

  • Paula Thomas

    The video appears to be private.

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