windowsapp300kIt may have taken Microsoft longer than Apple or Google, but its Windows Phone Store now has more than 300,000 apps.

WPCentral first noticed that the company just recently updated its “By The Numbers” page to reflect the milestone.

“Hundreds more are added every day,” Microsoft added.

It’s notable in part because the store had 100,000 apps in June 2012, and 200,000 in December 2013. That means there have been 100,000 new apps added this year alone, indicating a nice sign of growth for Microsoft.

Of course, the 300,000 mark still pales in comparison to Apple and Google, which both have more than 1 million apps in their respective stores.

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  • FormerMarineSgt

    Apple and Google may have over a million apps, but how many thousands of them are identical/duplicates that do nearly identical things? About 2/3’s of them?

    • balls187

      Let’s speculate wildly!

      • FormerMarineSgt

        Let’s review facts….
        Go look at ANY app (other than the 1% of top tier apps) for Apple and Android. Count the number of apps that do exactly the same thing (say 80% or 90% or better identical) – you’ll find that you have anywhere between dozens and hundreds of apps that do exactly the same thing, none really any better than the other, and few of them doing anything that’s really needed – or wanted – for anything more than a momentary bit of fun before you either never use it again or outright uninstall it from the phone.
        WP has many of that kind too – however, with 1/3 the total apps, they have far, far fewer in total count of these useless duplicate apps.

    • James

      That’s true but so are Windows Phone’s apps. The “official” apps that they do have are missing features so should they even count? I really hope this problem ends soon because I actually like WP8.1 the best. All they need is a few more features that the other OSes have and truly close the app gap and they will have the best phone platform.

      • FormerMarineSgt

        I think the ‘stupidly duplicate’ apps are far more common in the Apple and Android stores – simply because of the sheer number of apps available. Odds are, If you have a million apps, you’re going to have far more duplicates than if you only have 1/3 that many.
        What should count is the number of useful and distinctly different apps that are available.
        And I agree – some apps are missing functionality and some really good, useful apps are missing from Windows Phones. However, app functionality is sometimes different even between Apple and Android versions of apps, so it’s not that surprising that Windows phone apps may also suffer from that when compared to other phone O/S’s.
        I also like WP8.1 – I just got it on my phone a few days ago. It’s gained MANY functions that were sorely needed. I think they’ve closed the gap so that they are now in the same league as Apple and Android. The issue now is getting the quantity of sales they need to attract the developers.

  • Marty

    Nice to see this. WP is the best mobile system hampered by too few apps. Growth is sweet.

  • Bilesha Welton

    Come on WP! <3

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