Microsoft has unveiled the new name for its SkyDrive cloud storage and file-sharing service, and it is … OneDrive.

The company announced the new name this morning, six months after conceding defeat in a trademark dispute with British Sky Broadcasting, which prevailed in a court case against Microsoft in the European Union.

Lots of people had chimed in with suggestions for the new name, but the use of “One” makes sense given the tie-in to the Xbox One, and Microsoft’s ongoing efforts to create a unified experience across Windows devices including phones, computers and tablets.

“We believe the new OneDrive name conveys the value we can deliver for you and best represents our vision for the future,” writes Ryan Gavin, Microsoft general manager of consumer apps and services, in a post announcing the new name this morning. The idea is to have “OneDrive for everything in your life,” he explains.

The company says the rebranded service is “coming soon,” and it notes that the service will continue to operate as usual (albeit with a new name) for existing users.

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  • Guest

    As a white man, I’d like to apologise on behalf of my family’s former compatriots for this action. Europe’s innovators have long since set sail for the Americas, and every day you see technological examples that drive our world forward. The men who still dwell on the Continent represent the men who say, “No.”

    “No, you may not collect data to provide us with search and electrimail,” they say to Google.

    “No, the volume must not be set that high,” they tell Apple.

    “No, you can’t bundle a web browser with an op system. Oh, and nor may you use the word ‘sky,'” they tell Microsoft.

    I am but a humble American, but haven’t we spent over 200 years fighting and clobbering the European men who believe they have the right to stop us?

    I, for one, apologise on behalf of Europe, the continent that says, “no.”

    • NoApologies

      You’re an idiot and this is by far the stupidest thing I have ever read. I’m not even going to try and address how you associate your ancestors home country to this article. Your illogical, ignorant reasoning gives me great pause and concern for the future of humanity. I can only pray and seek solace in the fact that stupidity is not hereditary.

      In your statements above you fail to mention or simply choose to ignore that the United States Justice Department and FTC have taken similar actions you listed above in conjunction with their counterparts over in the European Union.

      United States v. Microsoft Corporation 253 F.3d 34

      You incorrectly associated monopolistic actions with “innovation.” and infer that personal privacy is counter productive. Do people not have their own rights that should protected? In light of recent hacking scandals, Target, NSA, etc. some laws protecting the consumer and their information would be nice don’t you think?

      • Guest

        I apologise on your behalf. Would you kindly provide examples of technology developed and still maintained by European concerns? Time was that GSM was the pride of Europe, but even Nokia has been adopted, for innovation’s sake, by an American parent.

        Certainly America has criticised Microsoft, but that’s OK: we built the company and we can discipline it. We don’t need Europe to coddle us.

        Again, I urge all good readers to excuse my misguided European’s disgusting behaviour.

      • balls187

        Logic Fail

  • Christopher Budd

    Ash Drive durbatulûk, ash Drive gimbatul,
    Ash Drive thrakatulûk agh burzum-ishi krimpatul.

    • Lee

      Forged in the fires of Oredmond?

  • NewAgeMeMe

    It will be called OneDrive until it then is called MSNDrive and then LiveDrive and then OutlookDrive and then…Then Microsoft Live Outlook OneDrive….who knows with Microsoft’s schizophrenic branding.

    • CT

      You forgot “NSAdrive”

  • Jason Farris

    Oh, I’m two for two! Although the second guess was really predicated on the first being right. But still!

  • Grrtime

    Time to move to Google…

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