xboxonePoint, Microsoft.

The NPD Group just released its U.S. sales data for December and the Xbox One sold 908,000 units last month, helping it beat out Sony’s PlayStation 4 as the best-selling console.

Sony does not release sales figures, so it’s unclear as to how many PS4’s were sold in the U.S. However, Microsoft’s Xbox 360 sold 643,000 units last month, good enough for third place. So, it looks like Sony sold somewhere between 643,000 and 908,000 PS4’s in December. We’ve reached out to the company for more details.

Sony’s second-place finish may have been due to its lack of PS4 supply, as Microsoft seemed to have more of its next-generation console in stock over the holidays.

ps4Earlier this month, Microsoft said it sold 3 million Xbox One’s around the world. One day later, Sony announced that it had sold 4.2 million PS4’s worldwide. Sony is selling its console in 52 countries, while Microsoft has stuck with its initial 13 launch markets.

Microsoft noted that Xbox One customers are purchasing an average of 2.9 games per console in the U.S. The Redmond giant has typically topped NPD’s monthly list for the U.S. console market, as the Xbox 360 held the title of best-selling console for 32 straight months before temporarily giving up the spot to Sony’s PlayStation 3 this past September.

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  • Derek

    Playstation 4 is BOSS! Killzone S:F online is stellar! Cannot wait for Infamous and all the exclusives sure to come!

  • Jenny Tull

    The Xbox sales for the 360 calculate the total number of all consoles sold even replacements. How many of the actual numbers of 360’s sold were replacements from the RROD? I personally know at least 10-15 people who had to buy 2-3 consoles to replace their current one due to the “purposely done by Microsoft” RROD. I dumped the Xbox brand due to this , as well as because of the stupid Kinect camera. Microsoft has become too casual since, and because of this I will never buy any Xbox again.

  • imaginary_Zombie

    With counsel bans and whatnot and Microsoft trying to get youtubers to promote sales and all the propaganda theyve put out its pretty sad that theyre still only so close to ps4 sales. I bet activation and EA are reconsidering signing with Microsoft for these upcoming contracts. Anywho. Im a playstation fanboy since the ps1 so this isnt surprising that sony has done another outstanding outselling outrageous product i mean they couldn’t sell more because they couldn’t keep up with demand. That alone is something to awe over.

  • Hide

    LOL, this guy is obviously a XBox fan boy, pathetic. Sony sold 4.2M units while MS shipped 3.9M but sold only 3M as of 1/28/2014. And PS4 isn’t even released in Japan yet, Sony’s second biggest market

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