ubiHook up a Kinect sensor to Windows 8, project the screen onto a wall or any other surface, and interact and control the computer by touching the projected image.

That’s the promise of new software launched this week by Seattle-based Ubi Interactive. Ubi, which operates out of the SURF Incubator, originally came to town came from Germany for the Kinect Accelerator program organized last year by Microsoft and TechStars.

After conducting a private beta inside a variety of companies, Ubi officially debuted its software this week at a starting price of $149, aiming to provide a low-cost alternative to large interactive touch screens. The multi-touch technology works in conjunction with existing projectors, using the Kinect for Windows sensor to detect when people are touching the projected screen.

One of the key applications will be inside companies, particularly for presentations in conference rooms. Ubi is offering professional, business and enterprise deals ranging as high as $1499 for extra product support, larger projected displays and additional “touch points” — the number of simultaneous touches that the software will respond to.

Other potential scenarios cited by the company include stores projecting screens onto their windows for customers to interact with, even after-hours. Classrooms are another target market, along with home usage such as projecting recipes onto a kitchen counter.

Here’s an Ubi video showing the technology in action.

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  • Jason Farris

    no demo :(

    • Fernando Garcia

      It does have a demo but you have to get out the way of the projector. I also wonder how useful it will be. They show angry birds but what would you really use this for? To play cut the rope on a 6′ screen.

      • Jason Farris

        What’s the link? I have a projector, Kinect and W8 box. Let’s try this.

  • Paul Lind

    once utilized the right way this is what will take microsoft down the road they want to go for business and home use

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