It’s a sad day for the marketing department in Cupertino. While Apple has frequently cited the iPad’s position at the top of J.D. Power’s customer satisfaction survey for tablet owners as a part of the company’s publicity for its tablet, the iPad’s reign at the top of the charts has come to an end, as Apple rival Samsung took top marks in the survey.


The two companies are separated by a scant two points on the survey’s 1,000 point scale, with Apple earning 833 points, and Samsung earning 835 points. J.D. Power’s last study in April showed Apple with a commanding 836 points to Samsung’s 822. Samsung’s acceleration also means that Amazon is sitting in third with 826 points, three points below its April score of 829.

According to J.D. Power’s press release, Samsung made up the gap by being the only manufacturer to improve in all of the measures that the survey tests, but its biggest gains came from a 25-point jump in the cost category, where it clearly leads Apple’s more costly offerings. That said, Samsung didn’t win on cost alone, since the price of a tablet is actually weighted the lowest in J.D. Power’s model, comprising only 16 percent of a device’s final score, while performance makes up 26 percent of its point total.

All that said, it seems Samsung’s timing may have given it a small advantage over Amazon and Apple. Its Galaxy Note 8.0 and 10.1 tablets were released earlier this year which made them eligible for inclusion in the survey, compared to the Kindle Fire HDX, which was unveiled late last month, and the iPad Air, which goes on sale tomorrow. Neither Amazon or Apple’s new offerings were eligible for inclusion in the survey, which ran from March to August of this year.

It’s also entirely possible that the shift was caused by changes in market share. Samsung continues to grow its tablet sales, and there are just more people out there with Samsung tablets for J.D. Power to survey than there have been in the past.

No matter what the reason, one thing is clear: the tablet market is heating up, and companies have to step up their game.

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  • Credibility?

    It would be good to know if Samsung is a paying JD Power customer. Paying brands get to choose the customer segment being surveyed on satisfaction..


      Dude, shut up. Apple sucks. Every device us the same, just in different sizes. You ound like a whiny bitch.

      • terpintown

        Tired of “TIRED OF APPLE FANBOYS”. Idiot. Same shit from you type of whiny bitch.

        • Credibility?

          Yikes, holy MSFT employees! I don’t even own an iPad, nor an iPhone, merely a consumer pointing out that these types of ratings across all categories are misleading.

  • notsamesungshill

    This is definitely a limited data point. I ride one of two bus routes between Bellevue and downtown Seattle every workday. I see iPads and Kindles. I see one Surface occasionally (same owner each time). I don’t think I have ever seen a Samsung tablet…

  • terpintown

    Comparing 1 year old products to newer products is assanine. Also based on their own ratings and breakdown, the whole math is not working out. Why is geekwire (aren’t you suppose to be geeks and math geniuses) not calling this out. Ofcourse, the agenda is only to incite hatered towards an american company. I c how it is.

  • TeeJay2000

    J. D. Power also rated the Pontiac Aztec as ‘best in class’, and least $$ for junk. Ok, we had our laugh Mr. Power, but this is Halloween, not April Fools Day.

  • Adam Gering

    So Apple wins if cost were ignored. +1 for a Cupertino price cut

    • Secular_Investor

      Apple wins even without a price cut.

      JD Powers maths is wrong, as even a small child can see:


  • Secular_Investor

    This survey is bizarre, to say the least. The result is a mathematical impossibility according the JD Power’s own explanation of results and weightings.

    If you read the actual result you will see that the iPad took a total of 22 stars with 5 star TOP ranking in FOUR out of five categories: Performance, Ease of Use, Physical Design and Tablet Features. The only category iPad did not get maximum stars was in price, where it earned 2 stars.

    The Samsung tablets on the other hand did NOT GET 5 Stars in ANY category???

    The got a total of just 18 stars scoring 3 Stars in Performance, 3 Stars in Ease of Use, 4 Stars in Physical Design, 4 Stars Tablet Features and 4 Stars in Cost ????

    See this link for more details:


  • guest

    Lazy reporting at its best guys! So much for investigative journalism. Please Geekwire, get back to the basics, spend more time on real reporting and less time on trying to be a tech party planner!

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