amazonlogo11Need a new piece of art to bring a room together? You may be able to get it with free two-day shipping soon.

The Art Newspaper is reporting that Amazon plans to open an online art gallery later this year.

Amazon has been contacting art galleries across the U.S. to try and set up a system by which those businesses can sell art through the e-commerce giant’s online store.

The report says that Amazon is planning to use a model similar to its Amazon Wine store, taking a commission from the galleries upon the sale of their work.

If Amazon does expand to the art world, it will be going up against warehouse retail titan Costco, which already has an online fine art storefront where you can pick up works from the likes of Henri Matisse and Marc Chagall. No word yet on whether or not Amazon will be able to offer a similar selection.

Of course, whether or not the art world wants to handle through Amazon is another story. Personally, I’d rather see a piece in a gallery before buying it, rather than relying on only a suite of pictures.

Amazon declined to comment on the story.

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  • RobertinSeattle

    Personally, I’d love to talk directly with whoever is spearheading this effort to bring art galleries to Amazon. Rather than doing that, it would actually make much more sense for Amazon to reach out directly to artists and allow them to sell their own pieces under an Amazon Gallery concept.

    In originally disrupting the book seller model and then eventually turning the book publishing industry on its ear by bringing out the Kindle model of book distribution, they should well understand that the role of the middleman is quickly being eliminated in these modern times.

    Most artists – myself included – absolutely resent galleries taking anywhere from 40 – 60% of the sale price of a piece of art when it’s the artist who does all the work while the gallery serves wine and cheese at an artist’s exhibition opening.

    If there was ever a perfect model for cutting out the middleman, the art world is definitely it.

    Amazon – wake up!

  • Priya singh

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