motox12If you’re an Android fan and want to have hundreds of color selections for a smartphone, well, Google’s new device might be for you.

Google’s Motorola unit today unveiled the Moto X, the first phone built by Motorola since Google acquired the company for $12.5 billion two years ago.

It’s not anything revolutionary, but there are a few cool aspects of the device. It’s assembled in the U.S. and will be available in a ridiculous amount of colors. The phone also lets you use Google Now by simply saying “OK Google Now,” similar to saying “OK Glass” for Google Glass. There’s also a quick-access feature to the camera by shaking the device when it’s in lock mode.

Some other specs: 4.7-inch screen, 16 to 32 GB of storage, 24 hours of battery, and a 10-megapixel camera. It will be available in about one month for $199 on AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, US Cellular and T-Mobile, though only AT&T is offering customization options at the moment. 

The Verge has a nice chart comparing the Moto X to the other smartphone kingpins, and check out these two videos that show the camera and Google Now features.


  • Guest

    Nice! $199 is a good price, and I like that it’s made in this country.

  • hasan

    God bless the USA. I’m going to get 1 ASAP

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