“Maybe ‘The Internship’ was secretly funded by Bing.”

internshipThat is the New York Post’s closing zinger in its review of “The Internship,” the new movie starring Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson (of “Wedding Crashers” fame) as two 40-something guys who get internships at Google. The comedy, opening Friday, doubles as a promotional vehicle for Google — and a pretty awful one at that, according to early reviews.

In fact, the Post and the New York Daily News find themselves in rare agreement, each giving the movie a single star.

USA Today contrasts the movie with “The Social Network,” pointing out that, even with Jesse Eisenberg’s portrayal of a conniving Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook comes off as an important and influential company. But after watching The Internship, “Not only do you feel embarrassed for the stars, the whole movie sets Mountain View back about 10 years.”

Not so, says Larry Page, the Google CEO, who gave the movie a thumbs-up on Google+ after seeing a preview. “Had a lot of fun hanging out with Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson and the whole team last night and watching the Google inspired movie The Internship!” he wrote, encouraging people to see it.

Google cooperated with the movie and worked closely with the filmmakers, at one point getting them to cut a scene from the script involving a crash of one of its self-driving cars, according to a CNN report.

Contrary to the sentiment from critics, Page says Google hopes the movie will help give computer science a better image. “I think the reason why we got involved in that is that computer science has a marketing problem,” he said last month, according to CNN. “We’re the nerdy curmudgeons.”

Are the critics right? And does the movie’s portrayal of life at Google ring true? We’re sending our own arbiter, GeekWire chairman Jonathan Sposato (a two-time Google veteran) to watch the movie and give us his take. Stay tuned for his assessment.

Some members of the GeekWire team will be watching the movie Friday at the 3:10 p.m. showing at the Majestic Bay theater in Ballard, and readers are welcome to join them for an afternoon of cinema. To find them, look for GeekWire’s Taylor Soper in his GeekWire shirt.

Enjoy it … if you can!

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  • http://www.timacheson.com/ Tim Acheson

    Google’s inflated ego and pathological obsession with PR ruined this movie.

    The corporation and its staff are obsessed with sustaining their ridiculous image as the cool, quirky, innovative startup it was 20 years ago. For them, that’s really what the movie was about: “hey everybody, look, we are so cool!” But Google is now just another huge tech corporation and the young founders are now old men in suits. The first rule of being cool is you don’t need to show everybody.

    The self-driving car crash scene would have been great in this movie, but Google’s PR machine killed it. For goodness sake. Get over yourselves.

    Google has barely innovated anything for the real world since search over a decade ago. Acquisitions using the cash from search and “me too” imitations don’t count. They’re still dining out on search. Without even realising it, Google slowly became a dinosaur of the old web. We’re bored with Google as a company.

  • 500_lb_Gorrila

    Google is evil!

  • http://www.christopherbudd.com Christopher Budd

    I saw this (along with about 12 other previews) when seeing Star Trek this week.

    I sure hope Vince and Owen got paid (a lot) up front because I can’t see why anyone would choose to watch this. I can tell you the plot already without seeing it: it looks that formulaic.

    And if I worked at Google, I’d be very worried that this movie means they’ve jumped the shark. This looks like the same kind of “drink the kool aid” “rah rah rah” that has infected other companies and made them lose their edge (*cough* Microsoft *cough*).

  • Kelly

    I got to see a free screening and thought the movie was really funny! If you normally like the VV OW duo in movies like Wedding Crashers then this will be another good addition to your collection. They don’t put all the good stuff in the commercials… plenty of LOLs for you :) I’ve already heard people saying “fist me” so give it a chance!

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