[Follow-up: Microsoft: Google’s objections to YouTube app on Windows Phone are ‘nothing more than excuses’]

Two days after we reported that Microsoft and YouTube were getting along again, it seems like their relationship is back on the rocks.

As first reported by The Verge today, Microsoft’s new YouTube app for Windows Phone (i.e., the one that was supposed to be OK with YouTube parent company Google) has been blocked by Google for violating YouTube’s terms of use. Efforts to play videos via the app bring up the error message, “Something happened and we’re not sure what.”

Here’s the statement issued by Google on the decision.

“We’re committed to providing users and creators with a great and consistent YouTube experience across devices, and we’ve been working with Microsoft to build a fully featured YouTube for Windows Phone app, based on HTML5. Unfortunately, Microsoft has not made the browser upgrades necessary to enable a fully-featured YouTube experience, and has instead re-released a YouTube app that violates our Terms of Service. It has been disabled. We value our broad developer community and therefore ask everyone to adhere to the same guidelines.”

Google didn’t specify what the missing features were. In the past, pre-roll advertisements, or rather a lack thereof, have been a major sticking point. The revised app, released earlier this week, included advertising.

This dispute dates back to May, when Google objected to Microsoft’s previous YouTube app and demanded its removal from the Windows Phone app store. Microsoft, which had said earlier this week that the new app addressed Google’s complaints, confirmed in a statement this morning, “Google is blocking our updated YouTube app for Windows Phone. We are working with them to resolve the issue.”

For now, though, it seems like Windows Phone users will have to turn to their browser to get their cat video fix.

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  • SilverSee

    “For now, though, it seems like Windows Phone users will have to turn to their browser to get their cat video fix.”

    Actually there are several nice native 3rd party YouTube apps for Windows Phone, MetroTube and PrimeTube being just two polished examples. I do like the new Microsoft app, however.

    I personally think Google is doing its best to tank Windows on mobile devices at the expense of its own customers (and thus bears more of the blame here), but regardless of which side you are on, it’s corporate politics at its worst.

    • ASK

      Indeed, there must be a manager at Google that thinks this kind of sneaky corporate behavior is acceptable. He/she should be fired. Most of Google doesn’t operate like this, and shouldn’t, because as the leading search provider and an also-ran social network, there’s too much at stake.

    • Guest

      Unfortunately, because the victim here is MS, many see it as deserved payback for past similar transgressions and the outcry is muted. If it was happening to someone else, the backlash against Google would likely be greater. The latter would probably also be true if the WP8 base was larger, because then focus would be more on users and less on MS.

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