Gmail_logoGoogle has apologized for Monday’s network issue that delayed incoming email messages for millions of users, undoubtedly causing frustration and stress for those who rely on the Gmail service.

In an official Gmail blog post written today, Google said they first noticed a “dual network failure” at 5:54 A.M. PST on Monday, which is a “very rare event in which two separate, redundant network paths both stop working at the same time.”

The issue only affected a small portion users at the time, but by 11 A.M., Google’s App Status page noted that “less than 50 percent” were seeing delays and download fails for attachments.

By 4 P.M., Google fixed the problem, which affected 29 percent of Gmail messages. Google said that the average delivery delay was only 2.6 seconds, but that 1.5 percent of messages — including many of mine — were delayed for more than two hours.

The search giant pledged to make sure something like this doesn’t happen again.

“We’re taking steps to ensure that there is sufficient network capacity, including backup capacity for Gmail, even in the event of a rare dual network failure,” Google wrote. “We also plan to make changes to make Gmail message delivery more resilient to a network capacity shortfall in the unlikely event that one occurs in the future.”

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  • clibou

    gmail sent to was received fine. 20-40 minute delay receiving reply back on gmail 12 noon to 4pm-ish (we switched to phone call, rarely use voice these days).

  • shanen

    They don’t need more capacity, they need less spam. Hey, here’s a stupid idea. Why doesn’t the google give us tools to help them target the spammers more effectively? If we helped break all of the spammers existing and new business models, then most of the spammers would at least move under less visible rocks. Wouldn’t less spam be a good thing and increase the value of the Internet for everyone, even the google?

    Oh yeah. There’s the rub. “good thing”. The google has gone all EVIL on us.

    • JD

      Great suggestion. And how about a tool that notifies you when a crime is/has been/being committed near your home. I think there are many using Gmail while looking for jobs, this creates a lot of spam traffic from job sites as the unemployed whore themselves out to all the job spammer sites.

      • shanen

        You write so badly it took a while to decide you were defending the spammers. If you are a spammer, then I understand that you’re a sociopath and I wish I were religious so gawd could suitably smite you. If you are not a spammer, then I don’t pretend to understand your insanity. Or do you think you have a rational defense for the positive value of spam? To or for ANYTHING?

  • JD

    Gmail is lying. The connectivity and or database issues are systemic and I have had NO gmail access all morning and now still failing in the afternoon 11-12-13 8am-1pm. Right after critical Windows Update 8:15am 11-12-13 ????

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